First Letter!

20 Apr

Drum-roll, please…

So thats cool.

They told us to email you that pdays are thursdays. we just got here like 10 minutes ago. i finally got a badge/nametag thingy. hooray! all the elders i flew with already had one. one elder, when i walked up to him at the dallas airport look surprised i was talking to him. i guess he couldnt tell by my ridiculously obvious sister missionary outfit that i was a sister missionary. we´re all going to montevideo!. i was the only sister flying with the elders, it was kinda awkward. there were 6 elders and only me. apparently we were supposed to have another sister coming but shes not here. theres elders coon, griffin, hoyos, kimball, craynor and woodmansee.
So we got to the airport and there was this one lady who just had a list of our names and knew no english. me and elder hoyos translated. but before that, funny story of the difference between sister missionaries and elders. i was the first in line to get through all that passport junk to prove i{m no criminal and so i went to go get my luggage. there were 4 carousels and ours was the farthest one. so i decided to go to the bathroom and took my precious time and i came out and the elders were no where in sight, so i grabbed my luggages and then stood there for a while when i realized they were all standing at another carousel just standing. so then i came up with all my luggage and they were way confused. the thing even said it was the luggage was coming from Spain. Way to go, guys … way. to. go.
i got a whole row to myself on the plane. sweeeet. the elders were jealous. i was definitely curled up in the fetal position the entire flight. no big deal.
but now we´re just sitting here waiting to be interviewd by the president. i had a moment of panic when i thought i didnt have my reccommend. anyways. i have to go in a bit.
i love you all! so very much!
i forgt a watch … i dont know what time it is … also, we´re the only group of americans here, i think. USA #1!!! heh.
also, argentina looks a lot like el salvador … except less poor … and the the CCM is right next to teh temple, which is looking preeeeeetty ghetto right now since its being remodeled. this place is TINY.
hokayz. write me before thursdays! also, no packages to the mtc. boooooo. yes yes, good good.
the church is true!
mami, te amo! dile a papi que llege bien! no tiene email papi?
– hermana ruiz

One Response to “First Letter!”

  1. Angeles Yamashita April 21, 2011 at 3:29 am #

    That is great that you made to Argentina,I miss you and you never got the time to come and meet Mia.Well I guess you will meet her when she is 1 1/2 years old.She is now 3 1/2 months old and she is holding her bottle and trying ot set up by her self.Have fun and enjoy every moment of your mission.Love You The Yamashita’s

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