they took my blood!!

11 May
Ok. So I didnt sleep last night because I had to catch a bus to Montevideo at midnight because i had to get my medical stuff done for my visa. i was on a bis for 6 hours, got to montevideo at 6, waited until 9 for all the other new missionaries to get here, then went and got my teeth checked, blood drawn and weight published to the world … i may or may not have gained the weight i lost while home. NOOOOO. im glad i brought a jumprope. gotta do that in the mornings.
but i liked seeing everyone else. im actually writing this while in montevideo. it was nice seeing everyone. we ate macdonalds cause its essentially a luxury.
I dont know what else to tell you. Our area is good. Im not gonna lie, its kinda boring. Its the same thing over and over. the 2 other hermanas are having a hard time, the new ones. but i need a change of attitude. i know this. i just keep praying i change my attitude about this all. me and hermana bowers get along really well. she reminds me a LOT of sister Veazey, i like her! heh. but yeah. Uruguay is awesome, the work is good, but its just … eh. i dunno. im not coming home, dont worry. haha. but i just want to feel more love for it, you know? im glad i got to talk to mami and papi. and right now i dont think i have time to write them, so someone translate. i have to write to president dasilva now.
i love you all so much. keep praying for me, i know i need it. i need more courage and a change of attitude. like, really bad.
Friends– write me at with Hermana Ruiz as the subject, and itll get to me.
linnea, if you send me pouch, it gets sent to my zome leaders and then it gets to me during meetings. so send me mail! i want mail!
i love you alllllll. i pray for you.
-hna ruiz

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