11 May
I´m in Uruguay! I get to write to you guys telling you I made it alive. I got here at like 9am yesterday and then went to the mission home and met with the president and then at like 3 or so we headed off to my area.
I´m in the area Gianola, the city is Melo …. its like 6 hours from Montevideo. Oh yeah, I got to sit on a bus for 6 hours after I met my companion, Hermana Bowers! Shes awesome, shes from Taylorsville, Utah! I honestly thought that I was going to get paired up with another trainer, Hermana Rodriguez because she was from El Salvador and could barely speak English, so it was a surprise when i got assiged to Hna Bowers but Im happy. We´re doing a white wash. Aka … we´re BOTH new to this area. We got here at like 1030 last night and then we slept and now today we´re just trying to find everything. Apparently the elders before had 17 baptisms in 3 months or so. dang. I guess this is a good place! We already have a baptism this sunday, so thats nice. I´m EXHAUSTED. I write this as Im trying to stay awake. I woke up at the CCM at 330 to leave there by 5, drove on a bus for 6-7 hours, then tried to sleep in a new place which was weird. I woke up a couple of times confused as to where I was. And I couldnt sleep on the bus because it was all full of elders and everyone was talking, I must have looked high because I was waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of it, so was the other Elder who is an “oro” (they dont call us greenies, heh), Elder Hoyos, who i flew down from Texas with. We were tooooo out of it.
But yeah, leaving the CCM was weird. It was so cozy and I loved being around all these other missionaries who were equally lost an confused, and now im semi lost and confused by myself! … except its a white wash so hna bowers is also lost … but at least she knows how to do the work! I´ll learn. I HOPE. ha. but Im just praying i get used to this all really quickly. Our house is GHETTO, but humble. To turn on the shower took us like 5 minutes to fugure out. You have to turn the knob until the light flickers and then it gets warm. And the shower is in the same room as the toilet, its all one tiny room. And … yeah. We didnt have toilet paper, so im glad i brought extra tissue. Thanks, constantly runny nose. It looks like a house in El Salvador, in el campo, soooo that gives you an idea as to my living situation. Yay 😦
But Im just weirded out. I dunno how to explain. Maybe its just cause Im sleep deprived (its probably 99% that) but this is going to be interesting. Pray for me! I need more courage, I know this, so help me with that in your prayers. And for me to be able to get used to this all quickly … I know if i get that down, itll all be better.
Im gonna be in this area for 12 weeks, cause theyve changed the training things to 12 weeks of stuff. So its going to be ghetto showers for 3 months.
Mami! Me tienen que llamar este Domingo a las 4:30 MI hora. Creo que es a las 12:30 tu tiemo, dile a Marito o Byron que averiguen. Puedo hablar por 40 minutos! Y no me puedes hacer burla si empiezo a llorar! Me tienes que llamar a este numero:
011 698 464 32829
Y si no llaman, voy a llorar hasta Navidad. Bueno, me llaman, porfavor!
Los amo a todos. Oro por ustedes y ojala todo esta bien. Recuerden que yo puedo escribis los lunes, solo es que hoy querian que les avisara que llege con bien. Los amo! Pray for me! I pray for you!

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