June 6 – The week I almost froze to death!!

6 Jul

Well, not really. It’s REALLY cold here!! It’s humid cold, so it’s more piercing and terrible. And I may have already semi hit that frumpy missionary stage. I figure its winter and I’d rather NOT freeze and look like i got dressed in the dark, then look adorable and not be able to feel anything. But starting Spring i´ll get back into the groove. Its not that terrible, im glad I got cute clothes. Anyways …

– We have Zone Conference this week! YAY! My newbieness is coming out because im really excited. We get to have it with 2 other zones in Treinta y Tres, which is 2 hours away, and an area 70 is coming. Yesssss. Its going to be good.

– I bought bright yellow rain boots, not because theyre stylish, but because they were cheap and i dont want my feet to get wet. People will know the missionaries are coming from a mile away thanks to my boots.

– We were going to have a baptism this week, an 11 year old named Lourdes who is pretty cool. But she didnt show up at church because her family went to Rio Branco, which is like on the border of Brasil. But she does want to get baptised, and she likes us, which is cute. But we still need to teach her, and shes just never home.

– So ive started reading my scriptures and marking everytime they mention a heart. Its really cool. In my patriarchal blessing it says if i continually have the desire to change my already strong heart, I will be effective in my service … um, i realized last week that probably means my mission. So im learning a lot from the scriptures. You should all do it too!

– Our beds either have fleas or bed bugs, im getting bitten on my hands only because thats the only part of my body i leave uncovered. But Hna Bowers is allergic and so hers are huge, mine dont itch. We´re spraying the heck out of our beds today.

– We FEASTED for fast sunday, like, ate until we literally wobbled out of the house. It was such a bad idea. We were so out of it for the rest of the day. But it was fine, because we had a lot fo energy at night. I hope you guys were fasting for jobs because if so, mini miracle committee was on it again. But, lets keep the faith!!

– I’m not homesick yet! MIRACLE! I high five myself everyday. I dont miss you guys at ALL. just kidding … of course i miss you all, its just not crushing my soul not seeing you. Haha. Keep praying I keep this up!

But yes, I love Uruguay. Im so glad im doing this. The more i’m here the more i realize this is where i’m supposed to be. Even though sometimes it gets hard and i realize that i have 17 more months kinda gets me down, i start to think that i GET to be here for 17 more months and that makes me feel better. this work is so necessary and im glad i get to help some people feel happy 🙂

I love you all! And Im glad you´re my family!!

Chao! Chow? Ciao?? … whatever. they say that here … but with a South American twist! Ooooh!


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