May 16 – One Month Down, 17 to Go

6 Jul

Ok, so this week was terrible in regards to my body. I kinda rolled my ankle so i have a baby pimp walk. I somehow hurt my wrist. I banged my head on the wall when i woke up in the middle of the night thinking i was definitely at home… where there ISNT  a wall there.

Hermana Bowers and I get along SO well, by the way. Im never bored with her. Dont worry linnea, youll never be replaced. EVERRR. but hna bowers is hilarious. im learning a lot from her. We have an Abuela, she washes our clothes and feeds us sometimes and shes great. And all is well.

Byron, remember in the uderground rock festival skits in the new ones when the new black guy talks and he squeaks? well, theres a bird that makes that SAME noise, and I literally laugh everytime.

-Yesterday we got a US history lesson from 4 kids. They told us about WW2 … it was really funny. They acted like we had never heard of it.

-I MET A FALSE PROPHET. We were contacting on the street and we were talking to this one guy, and we invited him to pray about the BoM and he started off saying how he had before and how he knew it was true and how then GOD appeared to him and Jesus did too, and that peter james and john appeared and gave him something. I swear he had read the Jospeh Smith story and he was reciting it. But it wasnt that he was making fun of us, he legit thought it had happened to him. So uh, yeah, false prophets. They exist.

-I saw a latino ginger. I was so confused.

-Oh, the spirit guides, people. We were walking around and we both decided to just stop by a members house. Turns out she had been praying someone would drop by because she has cancer and she was having some attack or something. So we callled and found someone to give her a blessing. It was so crazy. Im so glad we stopped. Shes such a great lady, too. She fights with “abuela” for our love. Its cute.
Im learning a lot. I am a PRO at lesson 1. But when we get to other lessons im just like “wait … what do i say?!” So im studying that. Im getting out of my awkward newbie stage. Thats fun.

One of the recent converts whos a teen got hit in the head with a rock saturday for being mormon. But he still came to church with a bandaged head. That kid is great. He’s going places.

Um, ok, I ran out of time. I love you all. Next week Ill send pictures.

I love youuu! Go to the temple! All I want right now is to go to the temple. I wish I had gone more. Me and Hna Bowers have made a rule to not talk about temples in the house cause then we get sad that we cant go.


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