May 23 – The week the world didn’t end

6 Jul

But we still had an end of the world party in my ghetto house. It was awesome. Everyone would ask us if we thought the world was ending, and we would just laugh. At church yesterday we sang El Fin Se Acerca. Our bishopric has a sense of humor, it was really funny. I couldnt even sing it all I was laughing. I also had to give a talk yesterday, and sing with my companion, and we taught sunday school. They made us do everything! Fun! It wasnt that bad. I talked about how obedience leads to happiness. Cool points for me.

I get to spend my birthday with all my favorite people from the ward. We live next to Abuela Sonia, who is a spunky 70 year old who has devoted her life to serving the missionaries. So she says she already ordered me a cake, that shes buying balloons and has invited some people we talk to all the time. There is cake. I love Uruguayan cake. Its like magic. Ive fallen in love with dulce de leche because I have no choice, they put it in everything.

Oh, crazy thing that happened. We were going to a lesson at these apartments nearby with a member, and we get there and everyone looks really worried, then an ambulence pulls up, and then we talk to one of the members that lives there and she said that right before we came, a lady jumped off the 4th floor … then we saw her being wheeled away in front of us. Sick. Poor lady.

We made 2 people cry this week. One lady just started bawling when we were at her door. She was sooo uninterested at first then she just started crying. I was SO confused. But she had just gotten divorced and so she let us in. Then another boy, a teenager just started crying because he didnt know how to answer if he knew what a prophet was. Um. Ooops.

It rained on us yesterday. that wasnt fun. we’re ging to buy boots after this. I didnt really prepare on the shoe front.

Um. Yesterday night we went to a recent converts house and all her youth kids are baptized just recently, but she isnt even though she knows this is all true, she prays continually and she is so amazing. But she kept telling the other elders that she wouldnt get baptized, and it was those elders’ struggle. So yesterday she brought out a cake and we were confused, and she was like “I need to get baptized, its my time, lets do this!” and so we set up a date. shes great.

Anyway. I love you all. I pray for all of you like, all the friggin time. I hope you are all happy, and know that heavenly father loves you, and he wants you to talk to him. So get on your knees and pray!

Xiomara …….. ps … i miss saying my first name. Weirdddd.


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