May 30 – the week i ate my weight in food

6 Jul

SO MUCH FOOD. WHYYYY???? Especially on my birthday. Hooray for being 22!! We had lunch with Abuela Sonia, she made us a “salad” which includes a buttload of white rice, onions, tomatoes, appleslices, OIL, oregano, ham, bologna, MAYONAISE, and salt. Yum? It was okay once you ate past … everything. But Abuela let me and Hna Bowers make it so we were trying to cut down on the nastyness but Abuela came by and drowned that thing in oil and mayonaise and I just laughed and Abuela was confused but shes spunky so she didnt care. Then we ate milanesas, which are essentially giant chicken nuggets (linnea, omgz!) and that was good. Then we ate a lot of flan. Then a member named Olga who is amazing and has cancer so she cant do much, she made me a pie thing made of dulce de leche and a pizza and then we went back to Abuelas at night because she called the zone leaders for special permission to have a birthday thing for me. Cute. So we ate a LOT of cake, some snacks, and all that hermana Olga made us. I love these ladies. Theyre adorable. And I would send you pictures, but I have no idea how to do that, and I always run out of time to do it. Anyway.

This was an okay week. We couldnt find ANYONE that we had appointments for which was really weird. And we just ran into people that were just really weird. One man got really offended when we asked him what religion he was. Like, REALLY offended. He was like”what gives you the right to ask me that?!” then when we left we laughed and we were like “well, we’re representatives of Jesus Christ, sooooo we have all the right”. It was funny.

We are pretty bad at doing contacts. We’re always running around trying to do our 20 a day at like 8;30 when we have to be in at 9 … oops. But we´re working on it. Our District Leader was like “wow, you guys do an even 20 a day, you know you CAN do more, right?”.

This week was stake conference and Elder Mervyn B. Arnold came and spoke. Hes president of the area, it was awesooooome. None of our investigators came. And when we found out that he was coming with our mission president Pres DaSilva and his wife, we did a clean swep in case they randomly dropped by. But they didnt … at least our ghettolicious house is clean. They replaced our abomination of a door! And i dont have to flick the light for it to come on! BLESSED DAY!! But we found mushrooms growing in a random cornner of the house in the way back we never go to. And we poured water on them and they started making a weird noise. It was REALLY scary. And we killed the leach things in the bathroom. I killed a mama leach on my birthday. I was proud. My soul dies less when I use the bathroom now. Hooray.  Bleach is a blessing from God. Seriously.

But overall all is well. Im a boss at teaching the restoration now. And lesson 3 about the gospel of Jesus Christ. the plan of salvation still gets to me sometimes. I just dont know how to explain it very well. but i’ll get  the hang of it. we have one man who i KNOW will get baptised, he’s great, and he just needs to have more faith in himself, he doesn’t want to set a date. but his wife and son are recent converts so that should help him. and he also needs to quit smoking, buuuut i think hes doing that.

ok, i have to go now. i love you all! and i miss you and pray for you all the time. thanks for being so awesome, seriously.

– your favorite missionary … (i BETTER be your favorite!!! *tears*)

ps … to all my friends who have sent me letters so far, i friggin love you. caitlin taffee and cecily i am writing you today! yay!! and i only get to write/read letters mondays, so sorry if you dont get a response for a while.


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