July 18, 2011 – The week I had 2 MORE baptisms

18 Jul


Miguel and Jesus are the 2 boys that texted that random number telling them Jospeh Smith was a prophet. I love them, they’re so adorable. They bore their testimony after their baptism and they’re so excited to learn more. And when they pray, they only give thanks, theyre awesome.

This week I was SOOOOOOOOO tired. Me and Hna bowers are seriously so out of it. We are pooped. Today we’re having a siesta fiesta, so that will be really nice.

We ran into a really old mean atheist man. He kept telling us that we’re filthy rich because we´re from the US, and we were like “uuuuh, whatever” and then he got on our case about Jesus and he just started laughing at us. He had nasty teeth. And smelled like cigarettes and shattered dreams. He was like “maybe in the next life we’ll talk” and we were like “oh the irony, he will TOTALLY talk to us in the spirit world”. Heh.

We had SURPRISE ATTACK interviews with President DaSilva. After I emailed last week, the zone leader got a phonecall from president, and so we stayed and he came back and he was like “um. we have interviews tomorrow .. so prepare yourself!” It was really awesome. We watched a talk that Elder Holland gave to the MTC in January, which was AMAZING. Watch it. Seriously. And then we had interviews. He was nice, he congratulated me on having baptisms. He told Hermana Bowers that I’m a really smiley and happy missionary. I had someone at church, Miguel and Jesus’ dad tell me that yesterday at church. It was really nice.

I love Uruguay. Except during soccer games. It’s ridiculous. It’s funny though. We were doing contacts during the Uruguay/Argentina game and a lady was like “OBVIOUSLY you’re not from Uruguay”. We did some super fast contacts, it was awesome considering we were way behind. Thanks, Copa America! But yeah, it’s getting colder, this isn’t cool, but apparently Melo is the WORST in the summer, so I’m glad im here in winter and not summer. Yaaay!

Change calls are this Sunday, and I’m pretty sure im leaving. So we’ll see what happens. I love you all!!

– Chaosito! …. everyone says that here. And “fa!” is used as “wow”, and I say it now. Like “fa! que rico!” But i don’t use the double L “sha.” I refuse.


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