June 20, 2011 – The week I found a staple in my food …

18 Jul

… and so did my companion earlier in the morning. It was really weird. For breakfast she was eating cereal and she found a staple, and then we were at a members house eating flan later that night and I totally found a staple in my food. This has to be a sign … don’t eat staples?? I need all of your interpretations on this. Use your crystal balls to decipher. kthnx.

This week was pretty good. Let me tell you about some investigators. We have Jose, who is the dad of Matias who is a recent convert and is totally going on a mission in December. He has been talking with the missionaries since like August, and no one could get to him, and now he is totally wanting to get baptized. He quit smoking COMPLETELY last Sunday and his son has been like “what did you guys do? hes completely changed!!” and we’re secretly really proud of ourselves. So he was SUPPOSED to get baptized this coming Saturday, but he didn’t come to church. We saw him Saturday night at like 9 … somewhere in those 12 hours he went from being “yes, I’m going!” to not showing up. It rained. NO ONE shows up to anything when it rains. Abuela walked with us to church in the storming rain, but they can’t go. Laaaaaaaaaame. So we’re going over tonight to talk to him. Matias even gave him a blessing on Saturday to get through the addiction stuff. It was really tender. It was Matias’ first blessing and he was giving it to his dad. He was like “how do I do it?” and we were like “uuuh, we’re Hermanas …” luckily we had just read in study time how priesthood holders give blessings, so that was perfection.It was a really special moment to witness. Now he just has to get baptized.

Then there’s Mirtha, who also has been talking to the missionaries since January. All her kids got baptized and are so strong in the church and when we first met her she was like “i will NOT get baptized” and then one day she said that she knew that she needed to. And last night she was like “the elders could never get to me, but you girls could, thanks” it was special. Except she cant get baptized yet. why? because she has a boyfriend who she does NOT love at all, has no desire to marry … because she is still married to someone else, but she still doesn’t want to marry him, and straight up told us she needs his money. So she needs to dump him. She doesn’t know how to go about it, though.

But yeah. Uruguay is weird with weather. Its SOOOO humid. My hair is a huge frizz ball. Not fun. So I have it in a ghetto braid all day. The bathroom leaches are gone. I’m used to getting up at 6:30 already yaaaaay. And we have to go back to Montevideo this change so I can sign my visa paper. 6 hours on a bus to sign a paper. Weak sauce.

Anyway. I love you all.
PAPI HAPPY FATHERS DAAAAAAAY!!! I have a letter for you, but we havent gotten letters  for like 2 weeks and so we havent been able to send out letters either. Its sad. I feel deprived. But I love getting emails from you all. Even if I cant respond to you all, I read them and they make me happy for the week. Pray for me and Ill pray for you!

I love yoooooooooooooooooou!!


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