The week I killed a tarantula in my room …

18 Jul


It was really big. Well, not typical tarantula size, but it was pretty friggin’ big. It was awful.

This week we baptized Jose Suarez!! MIRACLE! After a year’s worth of missionaries talking to him, we finally got to him, and it was a great service, his son got to baptize him and give him the holy ghost. It was tender. Then on Sunday we had lunch with him and he made us Asado, which is hardcore barbeque and it was the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted in my life. I never want to be a vegetarian if meat will forever taste like it did. I’m tryyyying to upload pics right now, but considering I have no idea how to use this crazy old PC, I don’t think I can do it. SIKE. Nailed it. Ok. well. Aside from this awesome baptism, we have another 2 this coming week, and I’m really excited for it because they’re 2 more kids who are spectacularly smart, Miguel and Jesus.

This week we had Intercambios and I got to go with Hermana Parker and I got to lead my area! It was really awsome. She’s REALLY shy, so I basically did everything, and I wasn’t nervous to do it. She was like “you can totally train now!” and I was like “NOOOOOO!!!”. but i just might have to train considering that there are only 30 hermanas our of 200 in my mission. One day ill train. oh man.

During Jose’s baptismal interview, we talking with our district leaders comp, Elder Ladron De Guevara (yeah, thats his name!!) and he essentially told us his ENTIRE life story. He’s french, and totally Jewish and he speaks Spanish with a French accent, its really funny.

Um. I need stamps. Like, really bad. Someone wanna send me some? Thaaaanks. I also might need a poncho ….
Today is free slurpee day … so that makes me sad considering my infinite love for Slurpees, someone go get a Slurpee for me!!! KATIE AND BRIT.

We waited for a family for like 30 min to get them to church, the lady had 6 kids all under the age of 10 and she had to get them all ready … and it was crazy. But they came to church, and if they come next week, we can totally baptise 3 of the kids … i hope im not baptising only kids for the rest of my mission …

But yes. This week was great. I really like Uruguay, im getting the hang of everything, so that’s really nice. the more I learn about the gospel the more i realize it’s true and it brings me soooo much happiness. I love it. we’re so blessed. But I have to go and buy food now. Oh, and I’m not sick with the flu anymore. Yaaaaaaaaay. and the Copa America is going on right now, and so there were fireworks for the 4th of july because everyone here is soccer crazy, duh.

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I love you all. And, um, you should write me emails …. only Linnea and Byron wrote me! I HAVE MORE FAMILY THAN THAT!!! guilt trip!!! heh. i love you!


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