July 25, 2011 – change calls, copa america and me being sick again

1 Aug

Im going to Rocha, Uruguay! My area is going to be Castillos, and apparently there is NO priesthood in that branch, so this is going to be kinda hard. I totally guessed I was going with this companion. Her name is Hermana Kirkham and apparently she’s really nice, so thats cool. I’m gonna miss my area. Melo is amazing, and we had 3 baptisms this coming week. Im counting them. That makes 8 baptisms in my 1st 3 months. HOLLA. And all of them are amazing and wonderful and I have to run around the city to see them all before I leave tomorrow. Oh. Rocha is by the beach. IM GOING TO FREEZE TO DEATH.

URUGUAY WON THE COPA AMERICA!! It was pretty awesome. We usually do companion study after church, but the game was at 4, and so we decided to study then because we werent going to get ANYTHING done. We heard fireworks everytime someone scored, so thats how we kept track. Then when they won, it was all sorts of crazy. We were looking out the window and saw some kids running with their shirts off and we were like “wow, nice job, kids” …. turns out they were the kids we baptised last week. It was really funny. So basically I got fireworks on Pioneer Day. Lovely.

We had the FUNNIEST district meeting ever. I loved my district. We had a Capacitacion Misional for our whole stake, and we were the ones going to give the classes and stuff, and so we practiced that for District Meeting. Elders Luke and Ladron de Guevara did the BEST practice. Elder Ladrons dad is from Peru, the team that Uruguay beat, and so we were trying to connect the gospel to anything that people say. So he was like “PERU LOST!!!” and Elder Luke tried to connect it to the gospel. I havent laughed that hard in a long time. It was awesome. The capacitacion was saturday and it was kind of a dud. Not a lot of people came, i felt bad for our ZLs who organized it. But we had some awesome members who came. One of our ZLs got called to be AP. Totally called it. You could sooooo tell he was going for it. He like never joked around.

Hermana Bowers got really sick this week. We stayed in the house on Thursday. I read like 40 pages in Jesus the Christ and read all of the Conference Liahona. I’m so cool and sprititually informed. Ha. I’m also sick again. I couldnt sleep last night cause I had a huge headache. And all I want to do is siesta fiesta, but i have to pack everything. I think we leave at like 3am. FUN!!!! But im gonna miss Hermana Bowers. We get along SOOOOOOO well. It’s been a lot of fun, and the members here are AWESOME. Hermana Muir, I was int he MTC with her, shes coming here. She was just in the WORST area. 0 priesthood, like 3 people max in church, so she’s going to love Melo. Im excited to go to Rocha. Um, someone should email me weather updates because I’m alsways confused.

I love you all. I miss you all and I have 3 months down! Wooo! Only 15 to go ….. thats a long time …. anyway. Rock on, everyone. Rock. On.

– Xiomara


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