August 1, 2011 – The week I felt normal again… for a day.

22 Aug

Normal as in, I felt like I was on a road trip, because that’s basically what change days are. I love change days! We hopped n a bus in Melo and listened to EFY 2011 (um. that CD is pretty awesome. I NEVER thought I’d ever think an EFY CD was great. Oh how the mission changes the hearts of cold, cold people). I talked to like everyone. It was fun, changes are like reunions. I saw the elders I was in the CCM with, and it was a lot of fun. It was weird, not gonna lie, when Hermana Bowers left. I was like “Um. Ok. Now I’m just a missionary. Cool?”. Ha. But the bus ride to Rocha was also fun. Melo was a GREAT area to start in. It was a spoiled now I’m in Rocha, in Castillos and it’s super pretty. It’s very European, and its pretty big. I don’t know my address, sorry Marito, you cants mega stalk me. I live on Calle 19 de Abril … in front of a Panaderia called Baguette. Stalk me! We´re an hour bus ride from any other missionaries, so that’s comforting in case of an emergency. We are the only hermanas in Rocha … oh man. Hermana Kirkham is really nice. My district leader has not ONE funny bone. It’s annoying. We have no investigators, but we did walk into a boys house and he was like “I want to be baptized!” so we´re gonna work with that.

Um, i noticed this week how much I’ve learned on the mission. I have a lot more courage, which is really nice. I can connect ANYTHING to the gospel. Someone was talking about bread, and I was like “well, the God always provides …” and I somehow managed to connect that to prophets. Not gonna lie, I was kinda proud of myself. Hna Kirkham, likes to talk to people, but i like to balance that talking with doctrine, and I don’t think she knows really how to do that, but that’s okay. We´re here to learn. I’m excited to be here. We have a goal of 4 baptisms, so we´re going to try and get that this change. Hna K thought it was crazy, but we just have to work hard to achieve it. We´re gonna knock a looooooot of doors.

I got sick again this week. Like, stomach stabbing pain. it then went to my intestines. everyone says I have gall stones. Chelsea, tell me more, like everything you know about gall stones. Because it’s really common here. BOOO. Well, I love you all. I’ll probably send pictures next week.

Eternally yours (ha.),


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