August 8, 2011 – The week I met a man named Jupiter

22 Aug

He was WEIRD. He went on a rant about how mustaches are a signal of power. Then he showed us a picture of his grandpa and he was like “he has a mustache! we RESPECTED him!” … then I told him Papi had a mustache and I was like “well … you’re invited to our church!” … it was epic.

Can someone email me Rosemary M. Wixoms CES Fireside talk from May? I love her and I heard her talk was amazing.
Also, Chelsea, how did you learn Portuguese? Because I have to do language study for an hour, and I’m ghettoly reading the BoM in Portuguese, but I want like a workbook. Can you make me copies or something?

I found a white hair in my head. It was CRAZY. It made me feel like a missionary, though, so that was cool. The stress makes it all legit. It was more silver … maybe this means I’ll be a silver fox when I’m old. Yesssssss. Anyway. I swear I am getting so old. My knees hurt all the time, and it scares me because this area is where an elder tore up his knees. I saw him at changes and he was in a knee brace … lovely hope. There are a LOT of hills here. It is pure hills, it’s great, but not fun when we get out of a lesson really late and have to run up a hill .. in the rain. Fun times! But it’s worth it. I’ve been sassy lately, and I don’t know why. We had a contact with a j-dub and they just kept saying things that were not true about our church, and I was correcting her in the nicest way possible and my comp was like “shut it down”. She is scared of them, she avoids them like the plague. But everyone deserves to hear!

we had an awesome charla with an investigator, Santiago, he’s 14 and we were at his friend’s house and they were all really loud and obnoxious, but he payed perfect attention and had questions and prayed so perfectly. He’s great.

Linnea sent me some taco seasoning and so we made burritos yesterday … with crepes. What the crepe! (haaaa.). They were aiiight. (gangster style) They don’t have tortillas here, so everyone uses crepes, and it was actually pretty good. I am crepe master now, I’m excited to make other random foods with crepes on the mission.

I feel like I’m gonna be here in November, my comp has been here 3 changes, and yeah. President likes to keep people no more than 3, so she’s leaving, then I’m sure I’ll get someone, and be here for 2 more. 4 months. Oh man. Well, I love you all. Ill tell you about my crepetastic creations next week. The Church is true! Yay!

– xiomarrrrrrrrrrrrrra


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