The week my zone had adventures in Maldonado…

22 Aug

….we got lost. Kiiiinda. There are only 4 companionships in my zone. Tinyyyy. And we all had zone conference and since ours is so tiny, we had to go to Maldonado to join up with theirs. So we had to catch a bus at 6am (my comp forgot to turn on the alarm. so we woke up at 5:30. awesome) to get to Rocha, to meet up with the elders, and then we went to Maldonado. NONE of us had ever been there so we just wandered down a street in hopes that it led to the chapel. And it did! Yaaay! And so we had an awesome zone conference and I think some elders got sent home because they talked about how it would be mega sad for us and our families for that to happen. All of us were confused. President da Silva talked about how he KNOWS when stuff is going down. It was pretty cool. So then on the way back, we had to get to the terminal, and the next bus was 3 hours from then, so they told us to catch a bus to San Carlos and so we hopped on a bus that said that. So then we all were talking because it’s nice to talk to someone who’s not my companion (24/7 …. it’s … interesting) and a guy turns to me and is like “are you guys getting off at the San Carlos terminal?” “Uh, yes” “Oh, you just missed the stop” and so we got off and wandered, looking for the terminal. It was fun. I like my zone, we’re tiny.

My area is hard right now. We are having NO success. Our baptisms that were planned have dropped and we didn’t find any new investigators last week. we’re praying to find out what to change. It’s hard because I was just in Melo, where I had a lottt of success, and now I’m in Castillos, and I’m working even harder than I was in Melo, and there is nothing. It’s hard. Hna Kirkham is discouraged, I am too, kinda, but I can tell it’s affecting her work. And I don’t want to have to do this all alone, which is how i feel when we’re in charlas and doing contacts. She’s good with the recent converts and members, but when it comes to teaching basics, she like, can’t. So I end up teaching most everything. It’s hard. And I get frustrated, and I neverrrrrr get frsutrated. So I’m sure she thinks I’m evil at times, but whatever. I want to baptize people, and we can’t do that by just making buddy buddy with the people. President even said that this conference. He said “these people don’t need more friends, they need missionaries to baptize them”. I’ve seen a huge change in me being here in Castillos. I am way more pushy, in a good way … in the “this is the gospel, hear it roar!!” kind of way. I’m not nervous to talk to people anymore, I like it. but i know i need to improve. I am learning a lot about being patient. I thought I had a lot of patience before the mission, working with kids and all … ohhhh no. Uruguayans and companions are a whole different story. I think I’m staying here in Castillos for 2 more changes. That makes me feel ….. eh. once we have success I’m sure I’ll like it, right now I just want to go back to Melo. Hna Bowers called me last week for something and she told me that Mirtha got baptized. Remember the one who ALL the missionaries that have ever gone through Gianola had tried to baptize? Yeah, well, now she is. I got to hear about my recent converts, and I miss them! I have to start loving Castillos, maybe some prayers will help with that, too. Also, I am learning how to cook here since no one feeds us ever. I made some AWESOME biscuits, and I’m making empanadas, Uruguayan style meat filling bread thing. I got the recipe from a lady who randomly let us in …. she had a cut open pig on her table …. it was awesome. She didn’t want anything to do with the church, like EVERYONE else here. Uggghhhh. Anyway. Prayers would be appreciated. And mail. Since Linnea left on her mission my letters have cut down like …. 98% …. haha. So yes. I love you all. I’m glad that all is well at home, and that everyone is doing their own thang. Miss you! The Church is true! YAY!

– xiomara


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