Aug 29 the week investigators fell from the sky

14 Nov

we have 5. we had 0 new investigators at the end of last week, and when we went out to work last Monday, we ran into 3 old investigators and one of them is getting baptized this Wednesday. um. miracles.

One of them is Maximiliano, and hes amazing. He has been coming to church activities for ages and he is really really smart. He knows EVERYTHING about the church and at the beginning of the week he was like “eh, maybe ill talk with you guys” and now he wants to see us every day. He told us about a dream he had where he was in a beautiful place, dressed in white and that he needed to pass through a curtain. And when he did, he saw everyone dressed in white and he was the happiest hes ever been. UM. I’M DEF GOING TO BAPTIZE THIS KID. Hes 18, and he loves talking to us and he totally wants to be a missionary. He said he will get baptized before we leave. Yessss.

We have Julio Cesar also, who races dogs. His prized dog is named Principe. I def told him about Principe. We also have Alejandro, who is amazing and came to church with his daughter, we think his wife died, he hasn’t told us yet. But hes very quite but he understands. We also have Donato, who is 14 and crazy, but he just goes because his friends go. He knows its true, but hes in the “I don’t want my friends to know I’m doing this for a reason” stage. and we have Talita, who is getting baptized! Shes great. Shes excited.

I made pizza this week. FROM SCRATCH. I’m becoming a domestic goddess.
This week we had an awesome activity for mutual, where we turned off all the lights and told all the jovenes to bring flashlights. we read stories in the dark and pretended the storm had took out the light. we then ate a loooottttt of food. But one of the counselors names is Jesus, and he had a flashlight, and out of no where me and Hermana Kirkham both were like “Jesus es mi luz” …… and we just laughed really really hard. it was pretty cool. Also, Jesus remembered I was from California and started playing California Girls by Katy Perry. I love hearning Guayans sing english songs. They have no idea whats going on.

Anyway. Miracles happen! I’m excited for all our investigators (but secretly especially Maxi, he told us he tried praying to know if the BoM is true and he said he felt something evil come into his room trying to prevent him. This kid is going to be something big, I’m not even kidding. I can feel it.) But change calls are this Sunday, and I think I’m staying and getting a new comp. Last week I wanted to leave Castillos and now I want to stay!! The church is true! Also, you guys are all amazing.


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