Nov 7 the week I thought my recent convert killed a man…

15 Nov

Turns out he just got in a fight at a dance thing. He´s a beast. He sent us a text saying “I can’t ever come to church again, I did something horrible” and so we went to talk about repentance and he was like “Well, I just fought, I was defending my friend” and we were like “Oh … well, just remember the 6th commandment. Don’t kill!!” Heh.


We went to the temple this Tuesday. We went to have a sleepever at La Paloma, and it was soooo pretty. I want to be in that area. We got lost trying to find their chapel, and we ended up on the beach and we were like “Best getting lost experience EVER.” It was lovely. What WASN’T lovely was the fact that we had to share tiny little bunk beds with the hermanas. I slept on the top bunk with Hna Lundskog, and I couldn’t sleep because I thought I was going to fall to my doom. Plus, we had to get up at 1 am. NOT FUN.

But we had a Halloween party with their rama that night.. I won the apple eating contest. It was hanging on a string. It was really hard. I am the champ. So cool. Haha. But yeah, I couldn’t sleep on the bus because the Maldonado Zone wouldn’t shut up at 3 am. What is there to talk about at 3 am? And why so loud???? But I didn’t fall asleep at the temple, which was nice.

But our district leader (Elder Aleman, who tells me to tell you all hi, like every week, and he said he´d verify this week if I did, haaa) didn’t tell us that we had Zone Conference after…. Luckily I had brought a notepad and my Book of Mormon. I saw some elders that I fly home with, and we all were like “ONE YEAR!!!” It was pretty trunktastic, especially for one Elder Oro (newbie) who is fresh on the mission. I gave him a high five for having 3 weeks down.

We all brought out the Distribution Center. the new DyC DVDs are awesome. We had a Rama Movie Night and watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, it was pretty awesome.

We have a baptism this weekend! Everyone in our zone does! We´re having an awesome Plan of Salvation activity and its going to be so fun, and we´re ending with 7 baptisms! WADDUP!!!

Also, this week members are feeding us, and we´re way too excited. Tomorrow we´re eating in Rocha with the Elders because they have a member who makes enough food to feed an impoverished nation. Awesooooome. Also, today I’m making chili. Hna Bowers and I always wanted chili … just a random fact. Next week I have 7 months! AAAHHH! Cool.

Anyways. I love you all. You´re all #1!!! *HIGH FIVE*!!!

– xiomara


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