Oct 10 the week i got swept off my feet

15 Nov


There was a CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY tropical storm thing that decided to mess with us this weekend. It was straight up insanity. So we were walking back from the chapel to go home, and we were like “Oh, the winds not that bad” … Yeah, we turned the corner and WHOOOOOSH. I literally got pulled into traffic by the wind. Hna Kirkham had to grab me. It was hilarious and awesome and terrifying all at the same time.

But so there was this storm Friday night, and it knocked out ALL the water in Castillos. Um, we had to fill the pileta for baptisms. So we go to the capilla and we turn on the water and for some MIRACULOUS reason, there was water. No where else was there water in Castillos, just there, it was awesome. Buttttt, there wasn’t enough to fill the pileta, so we had to leave it like a little below knee length (my knee, so, like ankle deep for all the tall jerks out there in the world), and we were like “Ah! baptism in like an hour!” And so we postponed the baptism by like 3 hours to see if the water would come back …. and it did … AS we were baptizing Alejandro. Haha. It was hilarious. So we had them SIT in the water, and dunked them like that. We called the District Prez to see if that was okay. It was funny. Alejandro and Ema didn’t mind, they´re amazing and I love them. Alejandro was SO happy. He didn’t show it very much, because hes kinda timid and quiet, but he was like “Thank you so much, soooo much” and I was like “AWWWWWWWWW!!! Feelings!!!”. Precious.

(The internet cafe man is blasting techo. I think I’m secretly in a club)

– I succesfully made lemon bars. I AM A DOMESTIC QUEEN. If I can make them in Uruguay in the ghettoness that is this “oven”, they will be amazing in the states. Yesssss. I also made peach cobbler. I wish the mission weren’t making me so domestic, but whateverrrrr.

– We´re starting English Classes this week. We´re gonna teach lessons like “How to meet a friend” and we´re gonna speak only english and have them learn some phrases and words. Immersion! Cool beans! Any ideas? I have no idea how to teach english.

– We had interviews with President this week! It was pretty fun. After my interview I talked with Hna DaSilva and she told me about how shes studying Psychology in Paraguay and how when Pres was a 70, he couldn’t help her study for tests (he’s WAY smart, hes an engineer!) because he would always have to travel somewhere when she had a test. It was cute. I basically want to be Hna DaSilva. Pres is having the whole mission read the BoM in the next 3 months and we have to mark every time God and Jesus Christ are mentioned and every time repentance is mentioned also. It’s awesome. My scriptures will be a rainbow of highlighted goodness.

– I know Im a missionary because Hna Bowers sent me the EFY 2011 CD and I got REALLY excited and looove it. Ugh. I used to hate EFY. But this cd isn’t brainwashy as usual, the music actually sounds like real music! Yaaaay!!

– Proud moment: I spelled Nebuchadnezzar right the 1st time in my notes for something. I was so proud of myself.

I HAVE 6 MONTHS ON THE MISSION (this Thursday) YAAAAAAAAAAY! We bought a cake. Its awesome.
I love you all. Keep it classy always.


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