Oct 17 6 months down only 12 (omg) to go

15 Nov


We got change calls yesterday. I’m staying here in Castillos (yay?) and I’m gona be senior comp to Hna Bravo. A tiny little latina I said hi to at zone conference 3 months ago. Hna Kirkham is going to Melo!!! And Hna Bowers is going home! Ahhh! All the hermanas call each other on change calls day, and so I talked with Hna Bowers for like half an hour, I’m gonna miss her. We decided that one day we´re all (me, her, Hna Muir, who I LOVE) are all gonna be general authority wives (haha, the desires of our hearts) and so we were like “We need a name …. THE GADIANTON WIVES”. The mission has made me crazy. No big deal.This week was crazy.

On Tuesday we had District Meeting. That day was SOOO hard. Let me tell you what happened. I made the most delicious peach cobbler. Elder Aleman made us breakfast burritos. Elder Heaton made us cookies, me and Hna Kirkham FINALLY rapped the Level 3 rap, and it was amazing. But so then we were leaving and we MISSED OUR BUS. Why? We may or may not have gone into the catholic church because it looked really pretty from the outside. So then we ran into the elders and they were like “go eat here” and so we casually had lunch at an outdoor place. SHISHKABOBS (see pic!!) and it was amazing. It was so peaceful. And then I realized that being on a mission is HARD, but soooo worth it. I love it. And so then after that we caught our bus and it straight up TURNED AROUND, because it had forgotten people. It was hilarious. But it was the best, chill day ever.

Julio Cesar couldn’t get baptized this week because Elder Aleman felt like he shouldn’t sign the ficha. It was so beastly of him. He’s a great elder. Julio Cesar threw a FIT and yelled at us, and we were like “Um. ok … talk to you later???”. He´ll get baptized, I know it.

Hna Kirkham got supppperrrrr sick. So Saturday we didn’t do anything. Let me tell you what I did. Swept the apartment, mopped, made breadsticks AND pizza, 2 loads of laundry, 2 hours of awkward phone contacts, played with the random cat that comes to or porch, read a lot of the BoM, read some Jesus the Christ, gave myself a manicure, cleaned the bathroom, made FRESH SQUEEZED lemonade and daydreamed. It was legit. I felt like a housewife …… I was bored.

Anyway. Um, I’m senior comp now. Cool. If I train next, omg …. that would be insanity. PRAY FOR MEEEEEEEEE. For reals. I love you all. The church is trueeee!!!!

– xiomarrrrrrra

Pics: My fave district picture in Melo.
Me and a prize winning onion.
…. and I forgot what else i put in … dangit. Mein kampf.


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