Oct 24 the week I got bit by a dog

15 Nov


It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt that much anymore. One tooth mark is kinda deep, but that’s okay.

I went over to Hna Normas when it happened and she healed meeee! She’s like our Guayan grandma. She’s adorable. She writes poetry. Cuuuute. She gave me some Guayan stuff to disinfect it. It probably made it worse. Gotta love Uruguay. But no worries, I just walk with a little limp. I’m so cool. Luckily its P-Day.

This week was fun! We had changes and I had to say bye to Hermana Bowers! It sucked!!!!! I miss her. I won’t see her for a year. Oh gosh. That’s a long time. But changes are always fun, except for when you have to say bye to your trainer. Lame. But I like the bus rides, we just all talk with everyone, it’s awesome. 2 elders I go home with next year are training! And I’m senior comp! Ah! It has been really cool, actually. but I can’t remember what else happened. It wasn’t too eventful. Life is good. I like the mission. The church is true!!!!

Also, for blog purposes. Say that I have some friends who I may or may not call Nathalabaster and Horchada, and that I can’t reply to their letter from June because I don’t have their address. Let’s make something work. Keep it classy!


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