Oct. 3 the week the drama train rolled in for conference weekend

15 Nov


So we HAD a baptism planned for this past weekend but our branch prez threw a hissy fit and did everything possible to have it not happen. The APs told us to do it anyway, and DUH I’m gonna listen to the APs, they’re legit. And so the branch pres was like completely opposed and it was annoying. Ugh. I’m here to baptize, and if I have a baptism I expect support from the rama. GRRRR. So then we had the baptismal interview and everything Friday night and we were filling up the ghetto green bag (aka the pileta) and then I get a call from the Zone Leaders and Elder Calder is like “Hermanas, you are doing a great job, we are so proud of you butttttttttttttttttt your branch pres called and told the district pres to not have it and to avoid drama, we’re gonna do it next week” ………….. yeah. NOT COOL. And poor little blind Ema Vicente (she’s blind in one eye and spazzy, and ADORABLE) she overheard that Prez Lopez didnt want the baptism and she asked us and we were like “Nooo, it’s cause we didn’t know who was gonna fill the font, Oh, by the way .. um, we’re postponing your baptism”. Poor Ema. She didn’t come to Sunday session. If she’s offended by what the branch pres said/did I’m gonna punch someone in the face. Also, pres lopez gave us the SILENT treatment all week. He KNEW the baptism was cancelled when we started filling the font, he was THERE, and he didn’t tell us. Real mature, man. But he took us into his office along with 2 other members who are golden and was like “IIII have the keys, IIII am in authority” and he made them cry. DRAMA TRAIN.

But we have 3 baptisms this weekend. Yaaaaaaaaaay. So that’ll be amazing.

Also, 2 temples in Provo????? I screamed a little bit. That’s going to be awesome. We’ve had a conference countdown on our board for a while and I kept chanting “Conference! Conference!” Like all week. Sister Elaine Dalton’s talk was AWESOME. So was Elder Carl B. Cooks. I basically want to BE Sister Dalton. New life goal. No big deal. I chuckled when Elder Ardern spoke. He’s the Kiwi. I kept thinking of Flight of the Concords, when the apple stand man HATESSS them, but it’s because he thought they were Aussie. And they were like “Our accents are so different. They’re like “Where’s the car?” and we’re like “Where’s the car?” … and they say it in the SAME way. Heh. I’m so mature.

But I’m glad I don’t get trunky … Like, at all, because all those shots of Utah were really pretty. It’ll make anyone from the states trunktastic. Good thing I have like, no feelings. Robot. Waddup. I can’t remember what else happened.

We had to console a member because she called us crying because someone said mean things to her. I’m awkward when people cry. So my goal for the week is to express love. Um, yay? In 2 weeks I have 6 months! Ahhhhhhh! Cool beans. Anyway. Um, you guys just keep on truckin’ … remember that the church is true! I love you!!


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