Oct 31 the week I realized I speak castell(sha)no

15 Nov

Please don’t disown me. It just happened. I didn’t realize it ’til I was reading the Book of Mormon in spanish to myself and I was saying “sha” this and “sha” that. Someone punch me in the face.

— ELOISA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! Finally! She went to Maldonado for the weekend and came back completely different and she was like “I completely quit smoking, no big deal” and we were like “Omg, someone fill the font, NOW”. There were no fights, no fires, and there was actually water, so basically we had a perfect baptism. Except she’s kinda on the big side, and so we were trying to find a baptismal suit thing, but it had disappeared, and then a member came and he had a bag and he was like “Oh, i took this home to wash” and it was perfect for her. Mini miracle.

— We were put in charge of primary. It kind of killed my desire to one day be a mother. No big deal. We as missionaries aren’t allowed to be in charge of children, and they know that, but no one came to help. So we printed out a lotttt of Jesus drawings and had them color. That still didn’t calm them. It was loud.

— Did I ever tell you about demon spirit foot man? Well, there’s a man who says he has a demon in his foot and we invited him to come to church to get it taken out, and he totally came 2 Sundays ago. And he came yesterday, too. And today we saw him at the place where we send faxes and he was like “I’m coming again!” And so maybe now we should start teaching him, since he kinda thinks we´re cool and maybe we can baptize him. I don’t think he´s all there, though…

— Maxi hilariously told us of his night of repenting for drinking decaf coffee. He didn’t know that existed and so he was like “I thought my cousin was lying to me! But i repented anyways. I was gonna cry!” He´s so great.

— We go to the temple tomorrow. As in at like 2 am we have to catch a bus because our session is at 7 am. But we have NO details. Apparently we’re supposed to have a sleepover with the hermanas in La Paloma (google that town. It’s GORGEOUS. I’m determined to do an intercambio there) but our leaders have no idea what to do. Apparently the financers are bein’ lazy. Uh oooh.

— Not to be totally trunky, but in one year, I will be home. NO BIG DEAL. Haha. No worries, I’m not trunky. I just like countdowns. They make me happy.

Um, the only (consistent (lol)) mail i get is from Linnea (BFF4LYFE!!!) … write me? Please? Like, everyone. I miss everyone.

Oh, also, pray me and my comp find new investigators because we have now baptized everyone.
I love you all so much it hurts!!

– xiomara


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