Sep. 12 the week I landed in Oz

15 Nov

You know that scene in the Wizard of Oz when the tornado is coming and storm comes and it’s totally crazy windy and psycho and she’s running around with Toto trying to find shelter? Yeah. That happened this week. We were knocking doors and we saw everybody start running and we were like “what” and then BAM. Mega wind. Like, psycho wind. Then BAAAAAM huge drops of rain. Then we started running. Uphill. Against the wind. Oh gosh. It was horrible. We found shelter and then we just barely missed the hail storm. I took video. It’s awesome. I’ll show you in …. 13 months! I hit 5 months this week! Crazy!!

So we started the week with the ever so awkward law of chastity lesson with Maxi. And he straight up told us he would not live it. And so that was Tuesday. Friday night we had a lesson and he was like “I had an answer! I’ll live the law!!!” And we were all jumping all happy, it was great. That kid is amazing, he is having crazy opposition, but he is totally getting baptized. His dad is really atheist, and obviously against all of this, and so hes been having to keep it a secret. He loves me and Hermana Kirkham, he’s totally attached to us, which is funny and weird at the same time. He found me on facebook… and he added a random friend (so, um someone on my fb friends is now friends with my investigator, Maximiliano Gonzalez …. yay?) and he can’t remember who he added. Haha.

I got your packages. As in … my district leader in Rocha, an hour away, has them. We have district meeting tomorrow, so I’ll get them tomorrow. Yay! CHRISTMAS!!!! Seriously. packages and letters are the best thing ever in the whole wide world on the mission, aside from baptisms of course.

Our other investigator, Julio Cesar, we think has a thing for our recent convert. me and my comp, being in Utah for 2 years, and experiencing sacrament meeting in singles wards … um. We know the signs. Yeah. They sat next to each other. She was doing ALL the things we ladies do in sacrament meeting. Haha. It was hilarious. It made sacrament meeting so distracting. But he might get baptized this weekend. We also have Alejandro, who has the cutest 3 year old daughter ever. She loved looking through my scriptures and looking at my pictures. I have a pic of me, Marito and Byron when I’m a baby, and she LOVED it. She couldn’t believe i was a baby once. It was cute. He is also totally getting baptized. He just comes to Castillos every weekend, so we never have time. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeak.

Dear friends. Please write me. I miss you all terribly and want to hear what’s up.

The week went by really slow. It’s sad. This is going to be an interesting change. I’m for sure going to be here for 3 more months. We get to go to the temple Nov 1st! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I’m very excited. I’m excited to go to the distribution center. Yessss. But that’s so far from now. Ughhh. Anyway. I love you all. Choose the right, keep it classy, and wash behind your ears.


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