Sep. 19 the week I wrote a rap about missionary work

15 Nov


We as a mission are doing this thing called Level 3 and it’s basically us getting the members to finally do their part because we have like literally 99% more success when the members help in finding people. So in district meeting Elder Aleman decided to talk about level 3, and he made an acronym “D PALS” and all of us were like “OR it can be D SLAP because that would be more gangsta” … And so i jokingly was like “I’ll even write a rap about it!!” …. Yeah. That’s what I did during personal study for like 2 days. It goes to the beat of Fresh Prince. I forgot to bring the lyrics. It’s bordering blasphemous and I might get sent to a lower kingdom for it buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut we need laughs on the mission too. Worth it. We´re performing it tomorrow at DM. Good thing there’s only my DL and his comp in our district. Sometimes the ZLs sit in … i hope they don’t tomorrow.

I got the packages! I’m wearing the big coat right now and I took some cold medicine today because I got sick again. My body loves me. I cant wait for the resurrection. Haha. Funny story. The corn nuts made me crazy happy. I made popcorn the other day and I had burned the kernals and ate one and it SLIGHTLY tasted like a corn nut and so i ate some more. Then BAM, package with corn nuts. I’m saving the cereal for when I hit 6 months (next month!!)

Maxi is getting baptized this weekend. Remember how I said Julio Cesar may have a thing with Silvia? Yeah. They’re dating now. Precious/sketch. I love it. They fight in our charlas. At least we have someone to accompany us! WIN!

Maxi is going to get some crazy opposition I’ve decided. He keeps giving us ups and downs and so we´ll see what happens before Saturday. Julio is also getting baptized. and for the 1st we have Ema, a cute little old blind lady who loves us. And Eloisa who quit smoking this week and we have Alejandro. During Alejandro’s charlas I basically babysit his 3 year old daughter. She loves the picture I have of Mami and Papi.

My dreams for General Conference were shattered. We were GOING to go to Rocha as a Rama to watch it and me and Hna k were going to watch it with the rest of our zone in english and stay the night at a members house. But noooooooooooooo. They’re going to SOMEHOW set it up here in Castillos. It sounds so sketch. We might not even get to watch. I was gonna make pizza for our zone. We were so excited. And now I probably won’t even get to watch it in english. It’s so much better in english. Ugh. But all is well, I guess.

I miss you all, you’re all preeeeeety cool.
Keep it gangsta …. but appropriately gangsta, of course.

– the velocirapper


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