Sep. 26 the week we had a baptism WITHOUT a fire! (accomplishment!!!)

15 Nov


I don’t think you understand all the pain and trouble and prayers this kid put us through, he is amazing, I am so unbelievably happy he got baptized. Our branch prezzie made us in charge of filling our font …. aka our huge plastic green bag that is way sketchy. It takes like 12 hours to fill … Yeah, we have to go and work. So we got Fernando Rocha, who is weird and moving to Mexico to marry someone he met on the internet to help. So at like 5 we both felt like we needed to pass by the chaple, and guess who WASN’T there and who had stopped filling the pileta halfway? Our BFF4eva Fernando. Jerk. So we had to crazy fast fill the rest of it. Eloisa, one of our investigators had an interview with Prez Lopez to help her quit smoking and he hadn’t shown up yet, and so I called a number in the phone that said “president” and …… turns out it was Pres DaSilva. He was like “Why do i have to come to Castillos?” and I was like “MY BAD” and he just laughed and was like “You have a baptism today don’t you?” …. when we have baptisms he´s less intimidating. I love it. But yes, no fire, just a baptism.

I was REAAAAAAAAAALLY sick this week, with a crazy cold. Like, i couldn’t do anything Tuesday, I had NO energy and had no idea what was going on. But we went out later at night because we had a lesson with Maxi, let me tell you how out of it I was. So, I am FASCINATED by John the Beloved and the 3 Nephites because I am a nerd and I love that they’re still alive (Byron and Linnea, we should start a Mormon version of Destination Truth) and so we were talking about priesthood and I was just sitting there, not knowing what the HECK was going on, and my comp started talking about John and I was like “He’s still alive ….” and she heard me and was like “Omg, i am NOT about to explain that” and I was like “He’s not dead …. he’s alive. That’s awesome” And i made her laugh and Maxi was confused. It was great. Moral of the story …… I go crazy when I’m sick … yay!!!

We also had a huge capacitacion about Level 3, where we´re going as a mission and how we need to get the members involved, and we and Hna K missed our bus and showed up RIGHT at 10 in Rocha when it was gonna start, and we thought it was just going to be our tiny tiny zone, but noooooooooo, the Chuy elders, and like 2 other areas were there from the other zone. Yeah. They were all waiting. It was really funny. And I was still way out of it and confused, but i took some notes, I should read over them, I’m pretty sure I at one point wrote “smother the members …. with love” ….

I’m excited for conference this weekend IF we get to watch. They’re trying to get all the technical stuff done here … it;s gonna be weird. I’m gonna miss being at conference.

I love you all. Remember that I love you and pray for you and that the church is true!!!!!

Keep it classsssssyyyyy.


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