the week of MANY mind explosions

21 Nov

Oh man. OH MAN.

So my District Leader had crazy inspiration and revelation this week.

Well, 1st off. La Paloma is the most gorgeous place in the whole wide world. I’ll send pictures one day when I’m not super poor. Yay! But on Tuesday we all go to eat at a members house in Rocha, after district meeting, and last week we went as a zone (all 10 of us, no big deal) and it was adorable. This week is our last district meeting. Changes are next week. I’m kinda nervous, and I don’t know why. If I train ….. omg …. I don’t know … but that’s a really big possibility.

Anyway. Mind explosion moments. Elder Aleman called Wednesday night and he told us about how we NEED to read What Manner of Me and Women Ought Ye To Be, from April general Conference, by Elder Lynn G. Robbins. And I’ve read it like a billion times before, but he said to read it from a missionary perspective. OH MAN. MIND EXPLOSION. I love how Elder Robbins talked about the importance of not just doing, but BEING, if we do, but aren’t … we’re hypocrites, like, straight up. Heavenly Father has given us all that we need to one day return to Him, we have all the means to BECOME like Christ, why are we not taking advantage of that? It requires diligence and patience, but it works. We cant return to live in the presence of Heavenly Father if we aren’t like Christ, so obviously it’s achievable in this life. People are always like “I can’t be like Christ, I can’t be perfect”, but he has asked us so many times in the scriptures to be like Him, we might not be EXXACTLY like Him, but hey, I’m gonna do the best I can.

My companion and I are also studying how to use power and authority when we teach, which comes from the Holy Ghost, which comes from diligent reading of the scriptures and obedience and repentance. I love that as a mission we´re studying repentance, it’s such a mind explosion. Basically, this week has been a spiritual high. I can feel the spirit working through me to teach our investigators, it’s so exciting. Today we read about light and truth, and we watched the DyC seminary DVD about it, and it ended and me and Hna. Bravo were like “Well …. looks like we all need to repent. No big deal.” Haha, it’s amazing. But yeah, this has been a great week. And tomorrow I am so excited for district meeting because we´re all gonna talk about this.

Julio Cesar and Rubi are getting baptized this weekend. JULIO CESAR!! FINALLY!!!!!! I love that guy; he is so excited. He has been through so much to finally get to this point. Been teaching him since August, he is solid. Rubi is kinda iffy, but he said that he loves this church, her FINALLY prayed to know if it’s true, and without fail, Heavenly Father answered. I love the power of prayer. Never ever fails. And yesterday Rubi teared up when I said that changes are soon and that I might leave. He always thanks us for being friends and teachers at the same time. Precioussssss.

Anyways. I love you all. Feast this Thanksgiving! Today I bought half a chicken. Guayan Thanksgiving, here I come.

Take pictures and send me some, please? That way i feel included! I love you all!



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