the week i turned 3 shades darker

28 Nov

Hello, Uruguayan summer.


I’m staying in Castillos for another change. I will have 6 months in Castillos after this. I really wanted to leave, like really bad. I’m kind of over being here in Castillos, but I know I’m supposed to learn something else, so I’m excited to learn what that is. I’ve grown a LOT this last change, and so maybe I’m supposed to learn a little bit more before I go. But it was a pretty disappointing call. Next change calls I will be leaving, so that’s cool …

This week was crazy. We had intercambios, and I went to La Paloma with Hna Acosta from Honduras. She’s nice. I felt super trucho (like, slacker, disobedient) because we didn’t really do anything. It’s a very laid back area, but I felt like we could have done more. She gave up talking to people SOOO easily. I realized I’m super pushy and direct, but in a nice way, not in a jerk face way, so I like that about how I’ve changed. But Ruben, the artist with no legs came with us all day. I love him!! He painted me a BEAUTIFUL picture of a bay. It was amazing!!! I didn’t actually think he would make me one, but he was totally serious. I’m saving that for the rest of my life, seriously. and we had an amazing district activity in Rocha. All us hermanas sang. But he drew faces on our chins and laid upside down on the stage and sang really “fancy” like MoTab. It was pretty hilarious. Definitely embarrassing. Woooooorth it.

JULIO CESAR GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! I’m so happy for him. He’s amazing, and he was so worried that I was gonna leave from here, that he made us lunch yesterday.

Oh, I made amazing ghetto Guayan chicken. It turned out perfect. I cut it, and it was PERFECT. Chelsea, be proud of me!!!

Rubi is getting baptized this weekend. We had a mega long cane dropping lesson and he didn’t accept, so we had to cancel his baptism. But Sunday we had a cool experience. We were in a random barrio, and I got this huge, overwhelming feeling that we were not in the right place. So I told my comp, and she was like “What? Ok ..” and we took this random boonies road that led us close to Rubi’s house, and I was like “We have to go see him …” and he was like “I’ve been praying that you girls would come!” and he told us that he wants to get baptized, that he wants to live all the commandments. It was AMAZING.

But that’s something that I’ve noticed a lot this change, me being guided by the Spirit. I had struggled with that before I was senior comp, and Hermana Rodriguez told me that I was going to not have a problem with that anymore now that I’m leading the area, and she was right. I just have to learn how to listen. Heavenly Father knows where we want to be, and He’s more than willing to let us know where to go, we just have to listen. I love it.

Anyway. I have to go now. I have a cold. NOT COOL. It’s REALLLLLLY hot now. Summer time is here, and I’m basically melting. I’m going to be mega brown in like a week. I love you all!!


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