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Dec 26 – the week i SAW you all

28 Dec

No big deal.

That was pretty cool. What was awkward was that 2 counselors in the bishopric were in the room and one of them knows english and he would randomly laugh at me. He’s pretty cool, though. The other is just nosy, but he doesn’t know english so hooray!! Evesdropping bugs the crap out of me.

So Isabel was SUPPOSED to get baptized this week, but she freaked out and started avoiding us. She has health problems, and so I know that she cant be out, so she just sent her granddaughter out to tell us she had just gotten on a bus to go to Rocha … little did she know we know the bus schedules by heart, and there wasn’t a bus that had left, or was going to leave for like 2 hours. We´re missionaries, we creepily know everything. But yeah, now she won’t talk to us. It’s sad, because she was really excited about everything and now shes MIA. But, we´ll see.

We haven’t had a baptism this change, and all the ones we were going to have have dropped us. It’s been hard. Like, I’ve been teaching with all my heart, and I want these people to just realize the happiness that can come, but they don’t want to let it into their hearts. This has been a hard change, but I’m glad that I’ll most likely be leaving Castillos soon. I almost have 9 months! INSANITY. Time has gone by really slow and really fast all at the same time.

We went to sing at an old folks home, and I met the most precious woman in the world. I basically love her so much I’m naming my 1st born daughter after her; I don’t care what anyone says!!! (Rebel moment). Marina, I’m pretty sure she thinks we´re Jehova’s Witnessess, but shes old, so I’ll let it slide. She was helping everyone, and when we walked into the dining hall, she was sitting there alone, looking out the window. She looked like an angel. And we sang her a song and she started to cry and said that she wants to sing like us, so then we sang Silent Night with her and she was so overly happy. It was amazing. I love her very much. I’ll send a picture of her someday.

But yeah, this Christmas was pretty cool. Our zone leaders bought us some reindeer antlers and we walked around with them Christmas Eve night, everyone loved them. Our zone took a loooooot of really funny pictures. I love my zone. Rochita!!! but yeah. I loved talking to you all. Stay number 1! keep it classy!

your favorite missionary ever in the whole wide world.


the week of so much fatigue

19 Dec

This week went by REALLY fast, and I’m really glad it did, and I hope the rest of this change goes by as fast. But it wont be as exciting.

We went to La Paloma on Tuesday! First we went to go eat lunch with our zone, all 10 of us, we´re so cool. We all get along so well, I’m gonna miss Zona Rocha. But then we had District Meeting and we went to La Paloma. Hna. Lundskog and I “accidentally” stumbled upon the beach at sunset and took pictures. Let me tell you the morning disaster of heading to Montevideo for the conference.

The elders told us to be at the bus terminal at 4:30 AM because they were going to pick us up in the bus they rented, so we were there, all ready and they call and say that the bus has a flat tire, but they´ll be there in like 30 min. Then 10 minutes later they call and they’re like “Um … the financers didn’t tell us that we AREN’T going to go pick you up … so you have to find your own way” and we thought just to Rocha to meet up with them … NOPE. To Montevideo. That’s a LOT of money. LUCKILY there was a bus leaving right then to go to Montevideo and so we hopped on. It wasn’t direct, though, and there weren’t any tickets left so we had to stand for half of the trip, and Hna. Lundskog got sick and we were all just sooooo mad at the financers/Zone Leaders.

We were supposed to be in Montevideo at 8:00 AM, but we got there at 9:00. Fashionably late. But it was AMAZING. We got the letters that they told you guys to write. Everyone was crying, and I was just laughing out loud with my letter that Byron wrote. I felt awkward.

So, they told us that singing with our zone was an option … but they changed their mind when we got there, so in the middle of some other zone singing we all ran out and practiced singing in Guarani …. yeah, that sounded angelic …. but it really did NOT. None of us know Guarani, just one Elder in the zone. So we tried to teach us Noche de Luz in 5 min. Hilarious. So then we ran back in and Hna. Da Silva laughed at us, and then it was our turn to sing, and our Zone Leader was like “Rochita!!!” No one knew our zone was so tiny, everyone was like “Oh wow, that’s it?” and we “sang” in Guarani, then Spanish then English, it was really cute.

On the bus ride back, once the other zone got off and it was just us, we all played games and listened to EFY. We are so hardcore. I love bus rides. But I love that I came on the mission. I love that I can have the most spiritual experience with someone, and they, too, appreciate it as much and don’t judge. I love that I can constantly feel the spirit and be with people I like, people that I’d be friends with even if I weren’t on the mission. I feel so dumb for ever thinking of not coming. For some reason angels have been in my mind lately, so I dunno whats up with that, maybe it’s just all this Christmas music I’m forcing my companion to listen to.

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas, and it makes me kinda sad, but I’m very excited to talk to you all, and not just talk, but SEE you all and SEE WINDHAM!!! Yayzerz! Also, everyone in Zona Maldonando thinks that I’m totally coming there next change. I do, too. We´ll see. The church is soooo true! Miracles exist! Like how Isabel FINALLY came to church yesterday and so she gets to get baptized on Christmas Eve. Best Christmas present ever. Oh, my comp and i jokingly wrote to Santa last night. We get bored in Castillos. She loves that she also got a stocking, thanks for that. I’m excited to open presents on Christmas! i love you all very much. I’LL SEE YOU SUNDAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

Dec 12 8 months down, 10 to go

18 Dec

This week is the Christmas Conference in Montevideo!!! I’M SO EXCITED. We´re having a sleepover with the La Paloma hermanas, and we´re actually going tomorrow afternoon and doing a “choque de fuerza” … a.k.a. more than one companionship in an area to help the sistahz out. Hna Lundskog and I have been dying to be together for more than like 10 minutes, I love her, she’s so funny. But yeah, we have to be in Montevideo at 8 … which means we´ll probably leave at like 3 am. Yaaaaaaaaaay. Sleeping on the bus.

But yeah. This week wasn’t very eventful. We had 32 lessons this week without a member, and we had the most in the zone. Yeaaaaaaaah. We were super “pesado” this week. A.k.a. …. diligence, Haha. But yeah. One last change in Castillos isn’t that bad. We didn’t have ANY investigators in church yesterday; that sucked really bad. I never had that, and I never want it again. This is going to be a good week, I get to see literally everyone.

I’ll probably get the packages you guys sent Wednesday, so yay! Thanks! And yay Baby Windham!!!! I’m going to brag about him for the next … forever. basically. Yay family! I love you all very much, shove a picture of me in the baby’s crib, I want that kid to know me. Haha. Anyway, you guys are all amazing. I get to talk to you the 25th! I’ll have more details next week, but remind me to tell you, because I always forget. I love you.

the week i had no idea if i was an aunt or not yet

6 Dec

Um, BABY? No? Laaaaaaaaaaaame. Maybe Chelsea is in labor right NOW …. hmmm … well, just remember that you have to name him Xiomoro. Or you can always do the whole open up to a page in the Bible where it shows the lineage of everyone ’til Adam and pick one of those names. Classy.

This week I got sick (story of my life) BUT we found a family of 9!! And like 6 of them can be baptized! Except they didn’t come to church yesterday. Sadness. But I’m determined to get them to church, they’re pretty cool.

Rubi is not getting baptized. Like, at all. He refuses to live some commandments, and we had a really sad last lesson. We told him what it meant if he wasn’t baptized in this life, and he completely rejected it. The saddest part is that he completely KNOWS this is all true, he just doesn’t want to do his part to receive the blessings. Sad. He always said that God has been with him, and we were like yes, of course, He loves us, He will always be with us, but if we don’t do our part and don’t do what He commands us to do, we can’t live with Him after this life. We have to do our part. We have all the ways to accomplish what He commands us to do, we just have to seek it.

We have our Christmas Conference on the 14th, when I hit 8 months! I’m SOOOOOOOO excited. Like, super mega excited. EVERYONE from the mission gets together in Montevideo, and it’s awesome.

So I realized that it’s winter over there and I realized that I have one more winter over here in April. Um, maybe you guys can get me some winter wear and send it to me in April? Scarves, gloves, a pair of boots, like ankle high boots, just something to keep my feet warm. Longsleeve shirts, tights, a lot a lot of tights. Tights are a missionaries best friend in the winter. I forget what other things people use in the winter … but yeah. I would appreciate it.

I’m sure I’ll get your packages at the Christmas Conference. It does NOT feel Christmas-ey here at all. It’s quite sad. We did decorate a random mini xmas tree we found in a box … it was precious. And my Josh Groban xmas cd is on repeat, yaaaay! I love you all very much. Tell Baby Ruiz to come already. Love you!