the week i had no idea if i was an aunt or not yet

6 Dec

Um, BABY? No? Laaaaaaaaaaaame. Maybe Chelsea is in labor right NOW …. hmmm … well, just remember that you have to name him Xiomoro. Or you can always do the whole open up to a page in the Bible where it shows the lineage of everyone ’til Adam and pick one of those names. Classy.

This week I got sick (story of my life) BUT we found a family of 9!! And like 6 of them can be baptized! Except they didn’t come to church yesterday. Sadness. But I’m determined to get them to church, they’re pretty cool.

Rubi is not getting baptized. Like, at all. He refuses to live some commandments, and we had a really sad last lesson. We told him what it meant if he wasn’t baptized in this life, and he completely rejected it. The saddest part is that he completely KNOWS this is all true, he just doesn’t want to do his part to receive the blessings. Sad. He always said that God has been with him, and we were like yes, of course, He loves us, He will always be with us, but if we don’t do our part and don’t do what He commands us to do, we can’t live with Him after this life. We have to do our part. We have all the ways to accomplish what He commands us to do, we just have to seek it.

We have our Christmas Conference on the 14th, when I hit 8 months! I’m SOOOOOOOO excited. Like, super mega excited. EVERYONE from the mission gets together in Montevideo, and it’s awesome.

So I realized that it’s winter over there and I realized that I have one more winter over here in April. Um, maybe you guys can get me some winter wear and send it to me in April? Scarves, gloves, a pair of boots, like ankle high boots, just something to keep my feet warm. Longsleeve shirts, tights, a lot a lot of tights. Tights are a missionaries best friend in the winter. I forget what other things people use in the winter … but yeah. I would appreciate it.

I’m sure I’ll get your packages at the Christmas Conference. It does NOT feel Christmas-ey here at all. It’s quite sad. We did decorate a random mini xmas tree we found in a box … it was precious. And my Josh Groban xmas cd is on repeat, yaaaay! I love you all very much. Tell Baby Ruiz to come already. Love you!


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