Dec 12 8 months down, 10 to go

18 Dec

This week is the Christmas Conference in Montevideo!!! I’M SO EXCITED. We´re having a sleepover with the La Paloma hermanas, and we´re actually going tomorrow afternoon and doing a “choque de fuerza” … a.k.a. more than one companionship in an area to help the sistahz out. Hna Lundskog and I have been dying to be together for more than like 10 minutes, I love her, she’s so funny. But yeah, we have to be in Montevideo at 8 … which means we´ll probably leave at like 3 am. Yaaaaaaaaaay. Sleeping on the bus.

But yeah. This week wasn’t very eventful. We had 32 lessons this week without a member, and we had the most in the zone. Yeaaaaaaaah. We were super “pesado” this week. A.k.a. …. diligence, Haha. But yeah. One last change in Castillos isn’t that bad. We didn’t have ANY investigators in church yesterday; that sucked really bad. I never had that, and I never want it again. This is going to be a good week, I get to see literally everyone.

I’ll probably get the packages you guys sent Wednesday, so yay! Thanks! And yay Baby Windham!!!! I’m going to brag about him for the next … forever. basically. Yay family! I love you all very much, shove a picture of me in the baby’s crib, I want that kid to know me. Haha. Anyway, you guys are all amazing. I get to talk to you the 25th! I’ll have more details next week, but remind me to tell you, because I always forget. I love you.


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