Dec 26 – the week i SAW you all

28 Dec

No big deal.

That was pretty cool. What was awkward was that 2 counselors in the bishopric were in the room and one of them knows english and he would randomly laugh at me. He’s pretty cool, though. The other is just nosy, but he doesn’t know english so hooray!! Evesdropping bugs the crap out of me.

So Isabel was SUPPOSED to get baptized this week, but she freaked out and started avoiding us. She has health problems, and so I know that she cant be out, so she just sent her granddaughter out to tell us she had just gotten on a bus to go to Rocha … little did she know we know the bus schedules by heart, and there wasn’t a bus that had left, or was going to leave for like 2 hours. We´re missionaries, we creepily know everything. But yeah, now she won’t talk to us. It’s sad, because she was really excited about everything and now shes MIA. But, we´ll see.

We haven’t had a baptism this change, and all the ones we were going to have have dropped us. It’s been hard. Like, I’ve been teaching with all my heart, and I want these people to just realize the happiness that can come, but they don’t want to let it into their hearts. This has been a hard change, but I’m glad that I’ll most likely be leaving Castillos soon. I almost have 9 months! INSANITY. Time has gone by really slow and really fast all at the same time.

We went to sing at an old folks home, and I met the most precious woman in the world. I basically love her so much I’m naming my 1st born daughter after her; I don’t care what anyone says!!! (Rebel moment). Marina, I’m pretty sure she thinks we´re Jehova’s Witnessess, but shes old, so I’ll let it slide. She was helping everyone, and when we walked into the dining hall, she was sitting there alone, looking out the window. She looked like an angel. And we sang her a song and she started to cry and said that she wants to sing like us, so then we sang Silent Night with her and she was so overly happy. It was amazing. I love her very much. I’ll send a picture of her someday.

But yeah, this Christmas was pretty cool. Our zone leaders bought us some reindeer antlers and we walked around with them Christmas Eve night, everyone loved them. Our zone took a loooooot of really funny pictures. I love my zone. Rochita!!! but yeah. I loved talking to you all. Stay number 1! keep it classy!

your favorite missionary ever in the whole wide world.


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