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the week a fierce dragon pierced into my soul with his eyes of fire

30 Jan

Aka … we had interviews with Presidente DaSilva. HE’S SO INTENSE. He really REALLY does pierce into everyones soul. All of us were like “How does he know?!?!?” He KNOWS what’s up. He basically told me and my comp that we aren’t working as hard as we could, and we had JUST talked about that. Crazy awesome. That fierce dragon quote, Elder Liddle, from England, said it. It was so much better in person, because he said it in a brittish accent. Haha.

So the elders in Castillos are baptizing everyone we left. It makes me happy, but sad, too, because I taught them, and I wanted to see them go into the waters of baptism. But they did it, and that’s all that matters. I’m just being selfish and greedy. Hna. Kirkham is in my zone, and she told me at interviews that the branch president in Castillos, the artist who threw hissy fits all the time, threw a REAL big one … DURING SACRAMENT MEETING, and apostatized… so now the elders are in charge. Imagine if hermanas had still been in Castillos. It would have been all bad. But luckily Presidente DaSilva is totally 100% inspired by God and put in Elders.
Pablo and Mathias got baptized this weekend! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! This Thursday we played basketball and soccer with them. It was a lot of fun. We were GONNA take them to mutual, but no one told us it was canceled, so we played instead and taught them the Word of Wisdom. They’re such great kids. I want my kids to be like them!! Son tan tiernos!!!
We have an investigator named Delia, who we kinda just went over because shes kinda old, and blind, and she listens, and we had invited her to pray to know if its true, and this week we went and she was like “So, um, I got a very distinct answer that this is true, so, um, when can I get baptized?” and we were like “OMG, LIKE, NEXT WEEK…” but she can’t because she couldn’t come to church this weekend because she went to the beach. I dunno whyyyy she went to the beach. She hates the sun and is blind, but … ya know, carpe diem or whatever.
Elder Liddle and I were superrrr sketched out yesterday at church. This totally Peruvian man came into sacrament meeting and asked for the bishop and caused a little scene. So then after church, I see him talking to Elder Liddle, and I’m like “Ok, investigator?” and I run around trying to get papers signed from the baptism. So then, out of nowhere, someone is like “Hna. Ruiz, talk to him,” and I’m thrown at his Peruvian man, and he is SKETCHY. Like, superrrrrrrrrr sketch. As in, I did not feel like I should talk to him. He made me bend my wrist, and all the while I was like “Um, are you baptized? Have you talked to misssionaries? Do you know who Jesus is?!?!?!” And he just makes me bend my wrist and observes it. And so I stop doing that and he starts asking me questions about the states and whatever and I’m like “Ok, we have to leave, sorryyyyy,” but he won’t back off. But finally someone distracted him and we sped walked away. But then Elder Alas calls our District Leader, Elder Liddle’s comp, and he’s like, “Um, hermana … how do you feel?” and I’m like “OMG, WHY, WHAT’S WRONG??” And he just says that Elder Lliddle feels icky, and that I should pray… so, duh, I did. But I didn’t feel icky, I just felt sketched.  But I’m okay!! No worries. I just hope I don’t have some crazy curse on me.  I did get turned into a newt, though……………… I got better……..
Oh, 9 1/2 months!!!!!!!! Yessssss. I’m not trunky, I swear. I just like to count.
Also, does anyone put this on my blog anymore? Does anyone love me anymooooore? How’s Windham? How’s Kia? How’s … my car??? So yes, yes, good good. I love you all. Keep it classy.

Jan 23 the week the street literally melted my shoes

24 Jan

NO BIG DEAL. I just didn’t realize I was called to the fiery inferno mission. We were walking from the boonies and we were on some radom road where the cows were dying of heat stroke, and we had just eaten the BEST asado everrrrr (I’m pretty sure I ate 1/2 a cow,) and I looked down at my feet and my shoes were melting. It was CRAZY. So, I’m probably gonna need some new shoes pretty soon. Ugh.

This week was so sweaty. We sweat so much (really attractive, I know) that we showered 3 times a day. In the morning, when we came back for language study, and then when we came back in at night. Our water bill is going to be expensive.
So I want to tell you about some of our investigators. I love them!

Matias and Pablo are my favorite kids in the whole wide world. Matias is 13, but thinks like a 20-something, and Pablo is 10 and is ridiculously mature and intelligent… except for when we get in poking fights… but I initiate those ’cause I’m soooooo mature. We found them my 1st day here and at first they were like “Yeah, whatever,” but Pablito read and prayed before we came back again, and Matias was like “I don’t want to participate…” but then pulled up a chair and participated more than anyone. Their mom is great, but she’s living with her boyfriend and she smokes and drinks, and is more supportive of her kids doing this than actually doing it herself.

We invited them to play soccer at the capilla, and before that we taught them the Plan of Salvation. Oh man. They are so smart; everything made sense to them. And Matias started crying, because his grandpa just died 2 months ago, and he said he wannts him to be baptized. They need your prayers, please. They came to church this Sunday, and all the teachers were like “They’re investigators???” The bishop even gave him a shoutout in sacrament meeting and told everyone he’s going to be a great leader. Every time they answered anything Hna. Cortes and I just looked at each other and gave them a proud mama bear stare. They’re like my pride and joy. Pablo kept answering “Leer, meditar y orar” (the Book of Mormon promise to know if it’s true) for everything. He is adorable. I’m excited for them. So yeah, please pray for them. They just need to recognize their answer. I love them!!

But yeah. Um, I’m out of time, but I love you all. I think this week we get to go to Las Piedras for interviews with President. That’s always nerve-racking, but we get to see everyone in the zone. Oh, the elders that whitewashed Castillos baptized Silvia, an investigator we had before I left. I squealed with glee when I saw the newsletter. Yay, people making covenants with Heavenly Father. I’m reading the Jesus the Christ. Oh man. It’s AWESOME. I’m also almostttt done with Matthew in the Bible. My comp and I have taken “liken the scriptures unto ourselves” literally. We try to speak in scriptures all the time. It’s hilarious. It’s probably really blasphemous…. but the heat is making us crazy. It’s so hot. Oh man. Now I have to leave the air conditioned building to the heat. Nooooooooooooooo.

Ok, I love you all!!!! Read! Pray! Go to church! Yaaaay! Ok, chau!!


17 Jan


Guess whose got 9 months, speaks limited french and hasn’t cried once today?!?! THIS MOI!!!! Liz Lemon quote, no worries, I don’t cry … except for I totally cried when I had to say bye to people in Castillos. I never cry and they made tears come outta my face.

Ok, the most spiritual good bye was Alejandro, the most amazing man ever. He is going to be a great leader in the church. We wet to say goodbye, and we kept stalling because we didn’t want to say bye, but it was almost 9:30, and so  we started our goodbyes and the he started crying, and I was I a glass case of emotion all day, dreading saying bye to him and all my converts, and so then I started crying, and out of nowhere I just started testifying. Oh man, guys. I haven’t felt the spirit that strong in a long time. There is power in testimony. But I just kept thanking him for opening his door and listening. He has a lovely 3 year old daughter and I want SO MUCH for them to go to the temple. He is going to be an amazing leader.

But saying goodbye was hard. Plus, we got whitewashed, so I had to leave everything for the elders. That was also really hard. Giving the keys to the house to Elder Griffin, I was like “PLEASE, take care of Castillos.” It’s weird, because I was so excited to leave and just go somewhere else, but I thought Hna. Bravo was going to stay, and I have confidence in her to lead the area but…. elders came. I’m sure they’ll do great. It’s Elder Griffin, he came with me from the states, it’ll be good for Castillos.

San Jose is nice! Our area is Centro, it’s a pretty big city, def bigger than Castillos, I like it. My comp and I get along really well. I like it here. Our house is cozy and the only ghetto thing is that we have no light in the bathroom, so going to the bathroom at night is spooky. Yay being missionaries!

Ok, I have to go. I love you all a lot. Keep praying that I survive the next 9 months. Whoa. 3 months and I have a year! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Cool. love you!!

Jan 9 the week i spent like 4/7 days in la paloma. it was awesome.

17 Jan


I’m finally leaving Castillos! But so is my companion. We´re getting white washed and we didn’t go to sleep ’til 3am last night because we had to pack everythiiiiiing and get all sorts of stuff ready for the elders. It’s elder Griffin, and he´s training. Elder Griffin came with me from the states! He’s pretty cool. But yeah, we just went over to Mary, an investigators house, and she started bawling when we told her we were leaving … and a member was with us, who is basically like our mom her in Castillos, and she started bawling and then IIII started bawling, and then I had to pray and it was just water works. I never cry. I broke my streeak.

At 7, in like an hour, we´re having a despedida and all my favorite people, like, basically everyone in Castillos, is coming and I’m totally gonna cry. NOT COOL. But Maxi almost started crying when I said bye to him yesterday, it was the most heartbreaking thing ever. I don’t want to spend 6 months in an area again. Hna. Bravo and I got really attached to everyone, and so it’s harder now that we´re both leaving. But this area really needs elders. The work is going to be good for them. They need priesthood and optimism, and I think they might be tired of our opinions here, haha.

But I’m going to San Jose. It’s a really hard area, and I have a feeling I’m going to end up training there, which literally NO ONE in the mission wants. This is going to be an interesting change. But I have been praying for a challenge, to get way out of my comfort zone, and I know that this is going to help with that. Ok, well, I have to go. I love you all, and I had no time to read anyone’s emails, sorry, Jess and Linnea.

Pray for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

– your favorite