Jan 23 the week the street literally melted my shoes

24 Jan

NO BIG DEAL. I just didn’t realize I was called to the fiery inferno mission. We were walking from the boonies and we were on some radom road where the cows were dying of heat stroke, and we had just eaten the BEST asado everrrrr (I’m pretty sure I ate 1/2 a cow,) and I looked down at my feet and my shoes were melting. It was CRAZY. So, I’m probably gonna need some new shoes pretty soon. Ugh.

This week was so sweaty. We sweat so much (really attractive, I know) that we showered 3 times a day. In the morning, when we came back for language study, and then when we came back in at night. Our water bill is going to be expensive.
So I want to tell you about some of our investigators. I love them!

Matias and Pablo are my favorite kids in the whole wide world. Matias is 13, but thinks like a 20-something, and Pablo is 10 and is ridiculously mature and intelligent… except for when we get in poking fights… but I initiate those ’cause I’m soooooo mature. We found them my 1st day here and at first they were like “Yeah, whatever,” but Pablito read and prayed before we came back again, and Matias was like “I don’t want to participate…” but then pulled up a chair and participated more than anyone. Their mom is great, but she’s living with her boyfriend and she smokes and drinks, and is more supportive of her kids doing this than actually doing it herself.

We invited them to play soccer at the capilla, and before that we taught them the Plan of Salvation. Oh man. They are so smart; everything made sense to them. And Matias started crying, because his grandpa just died 2 months ago, and he said he wannts him to be baptized. They need your prayers, please. They came to church this Sunday, and all the teachers were like “They’re investigators???” The bishop even gave him a shoutout in sacrament meeting and told everyone he’s going to be a great leader. Every time they answered anything Hna. Cortes and I just looked at each other and gave them a proud mama bear stare. They’re like my pride and joy. Pablo kept answering “Leer, meditar y orar” (the Book of Mormon promise to know if it’s true) for everything. He is adorable. I’m excited for them. So yeah, please pray for them. They just need to recognize their answer. I love them!!

But yeah. Um, I’m out of time, but I love you all. I think this week we get to go to Las Piedras for interviews with President. That’s always nerve-racking, but we get to see everyone in the zone. Oh, the elders that whitewashed Castillos baptized Silvia, an investigator we had before I left. I squealed with glee when I saw the newsletter. Yay, people making covenants with Heavenly Father. I’m reading the Jesus the Christ. Oh man. It’s AWESOME. I’m also almostttt done with Matthew in the Bible. My comp and I have taken “liken the scriptures unto ourselves” literally. We try to speak in scriptures all the time. It’s hilarious. It’s probably really blasphemous…. but the heat is making us crazy. It’s so hot. Oh man. Now I have to leave the air conditioned building to the heat. Nooooooooooooooo.

Ok, I love you all!!!! Read! Pray! Go to church! Yaaaay! Ok, chau!!


One Response to “Jan 23 the week the street literally melted my shoes”

  1. hermanitaxiomarita January 24, 2012 at 8:00 pm #

    It could be the Second Coming when the world will burn as an oven. The fact that your bodies are surviving the heat must mean the mission is making you holier! 🙂 -Chelsea

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