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Feb 27 the week i accidentally made alcohol … i think …

29 Feb

Ok. So it was starting to SMELL like alcohol. I call it “Sin Drink”. I’m basically gonna drop this mission bizz and make millions. Ok, but on the realz, there are a TON of bars here in San Jose de Mayo. Oh, and the whole booze thing. A recent convert gives us grapes all the time, and I left them in water to soak because they have wormies, and I want to drown them and then they come out of the grape and die and stuff. I’m a genius, no big deal. And so I totally forgot about them, and my comp and I were like “what is that smell? Are the neighbo– OMG, WE MADE ALCOHOL” … It was really funny.

So, yep, I survived Montevideo by myself. Let me just tell you the deal.

I walked from my house to the terminal at 4:30am BY MYSELF (I felt super disobedient) and hopped on a bus. To get to the mission home is easy, you just need to stop at a stop called Portones and walk like 5 blocks. So I just didn’t know where the stop was, and asked the guardia man, I was like “Me puede decir cuando lleguemos a Portones? No se adonde queda”  “Que?”  “Portones…” “Señorita, no paramos en Portones… solo Tres Cruces…”

*universe shattering into a million pieces* ….

“¿¿!!QUE??!! Lo siento” … Oh. Just realized I wrote that in Spanish… um, yeah, the bus didn’t stop where I needed. It stopped like MEGA far. So for about 2 seconds I thought I was going to die and then the nice lady next to me was like, “Don’t worry, there are taxis!” … So then I got off at Tres Cruces, which is the biggest bus station in Uruguay, it’s HUGE. It’s like a mall. Seriously. And I had no idea where to go, so I step outside and look through my bag to find the direction of the mission home and I ask the security guard and hes like “Omg, thank heavens. I thought you were taking out a cigarette; you’re too young to smoke,” and I was like “Haaaa, I’m a missionary”. And so then I took a taxi, the taxi man got LOST, (epic fail,) and I spent like 200 pesos on a taxi. MIRACULOUSLY, I had enough. I went to the bank last Monday and had 200 extra pesos, and if I hadn’t had that, I would have had an embarrassing moment with president, asking him for money. That woulda been awkward.

So then I saw all the other people who were training and it was awesome. There are 20 oros. I’m training Hna. Rodriguez from here in Uruguay, Tacuarembó. I love saying Tacuarembó. So fun. But sadly, she’s just here for like 3 changes, and then she goes to her mission, where she was actually called, Argentina Bahia Blanca. She doesn’t have her visa, and so they gave her the option of waiting at home til her visa comes to go to the CCM and mission, or just go, and serve here until it comes. So I’m training her. It’s sad that my oro won’t stay here, but no one else can say that their oro is serving in a completely different mission. She’s timid but really nice, and she asks a lottttt of questions, and I need to develop patience. I need a lot of prayers, guys.
We went out with the Davidsons this week! They bought us ice cream! YAAAAAAAAY!!!! I absolutely love them with all my heart. So we were in an air conditioned car. That was amazing. But yeah. This was a good week. We found a girl named Xiomara! She came to church yesterday by a miracle! A member brought her and her 2 siblings. We´re gonna go try and find their house now… they live in the boonies. I want to baptize this Xiomara girl! Its weird teaching a Xiomara ….
Next p-day we get to go to Canelones!!!! We´re taking a tour with our district of OSE, the water plant place or whatever, and then we´re having an asado at the bishop’s house. I’m superrrrrr excited. It’s no Box Factory, but hey, we can’t always get what we want. I love you all very much. I miss you all, too.

Looooooooooooooooooooooove, Hna. Xiomarita


Feb 20 the week i wasnt crying, it was just raining… on my face…

23 Feb

…Ok,  I didn’t cry… but it did rain. A lotttt. But it felt sooo good, because it’s super hot. But then it got humid. That wasn’t nice for my hair. It was quiiiiiiiiiite attractive.

Guys … I’M TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!! In San Jose de Mayo… here. Yay! I have to go to Montevideo all alone at 5 am. I will most likely get kidnapped, but hey… ya can’t always get what ya want. I’m really excited and super nervous all at once. I dunno HOW I’m supposed to train, but we´ll see. It’s going to be hard since we aren’t really doing normal missionary work, we´re doing El Rescate. But Pres. and Hna. Davidson are coming to visit people with us Wednesday and Thursday… and they have a car… and Hna. Davidson makes treats… and Pres. Davidson asked if there are any good ice cream spots in San Jose. DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.

Oh, we had a miracle. We ate lunch with some members, and then they texted us later and said they had a lady at the house who we need to baptize, so we went over and we taught her, she accepted a fecha, and totally came to church yesterday! YAAAAAAAAAY! So please pray that my oro and I can have a baptism. I want to have success with her, so pray that we can have unity and all that… haha. Ok, well, I love you all. Keep it classy.

And pray I don’t get shanked in Montevideo …

-Hna. Rrrrrrrrrruiz

10 months down, 8 to go

13 Feb


Tonight we get to go to Progreso, where Hermana Kirkham is, and have a sleepover! YAY! We have to go to Montevideo tomorrow, and we live like 2 hours away, but we have to be in Las Piedras, to meet up with the zone, to go to zone conference IN Montevideo. So we get to have a sleepover because if we take a bus from San Jose, we definitely would not get there in time. But yeah, we have Zone Conference! I’m really excited. This weekend are change calls, by the way. My comp and I have a feeling that we´re only going to stay together for this change… but we´ll see what happens. I have no idea what’s gonna happen.
This week we were desperately searching for new people to teach, but we couldn’t find anyone. Then yesterday, after a lot of prayers, and a lotttt of contacts that we had to do, the LAST contact we had to do, this nice old lady answers the door, and lets us in . She told us that she never lets anyone in, but she felt like she should let us pass. She looked really sad, and she just told us everything. Her 2 sons had just died, and her husband died about a year ago. One son died of a disease or something, and her last son killed himself. So we taught the Plan of Salvation, and then she just cheered up and
she gave us the most genuine thank you. It was a really great lesson. Heavenly Father definitely answers prayers.
Oh, so we´re doing The Rescue that Pres Monson talked about in April conference last year. Elder Davidson (Hna. Davidson gave me her cookie recipe–I absolutely love Hna. Davidson.) came and gave us all a training on how to rescue, basicallly. We have a list of 300 less active member of the church that live here in San Jose de Mayo, and we have to find them. We went through the list, and we realized that 3/4 are on the side of the elders. We like have like, NO names. But we´re gonna try and get permission to help them out. But we only have a month to find all these people, it’s kind of exciting. This week we found out that some people moved to Argentina, Chile, and one lady to Spain, and we were like “Dangit, she’s lost!” but I felt like I should ask the man if he had her phone number, at least, and he totally did. So, that was pretty cool. Just gotta contact the elders in Spain … no big deal.
But yeah, this change went by really fast. 9 months went by suuuuuuuuuuper fast, like, surprisingly fast. It was creepy! Anyway. I have to go now. I love you all so very much! I’ll tell you my change fate next Monday!

the week i was on a briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge!!!!

6 Feb

but not to Candy Mountain … to a place that LITERALLY looked just like the little village where the Dharma Intiative people lived on Lost. I looked for a polar bear… but saw nothing ….

This week was actually pretty boring. My companion and I were kinda sick this week. Blame those “hamburgers”. We literally had NO energy, plus it was like 90+ degrees AAAND our fan broke and we were on the verge of death… but all was well!
We were walking, and got SUPER lost, and ended up on this railroad bridge that was screaming “photo opportunity” so we took a lot of pictures. I´ll upload them after. We were so tired and sunburnt and fussy after we left the bridge that we went and bought a litro of juice … each… and chugged it in like 5 minutes. We felt better after. We looked at the map after we got home and realized we were supeerrrrr in the elders area. Whoops. No wonder we didn’t recognize anything.
I also think Heavenly Father knew that our bodies were rejecting us, so to make me happy for 3 minutes, the panaderia we were chugging the juice at played all of a Taylor Swift song.
So this week we also realized that we have very trunky conversations. We talk a lot about what we want to do after the mission, so now everytime we talk about anything trunky, we immediately start memorizing a scripture. All week it was like “cuando regrese–” “y sucedio que yo, nefi dije a mi padre!!!” I’m also memorizing the Articles of Faith. They are so clear and so straightforward. And they just make sense, complete sense, not just to me because I’m a member, but to anyone. I’ve been studying the New Testament, and I basically love it. I love how clear, and drop cane Jesus Christ is. He is the only way. He came and did everything perfectly, and we need to follow everything just as He did. We might not be perfect now, but if we follow what He left us, we can be one day. He left us His church for a reason. ONE church, not a billion teaching different things, and we need THAT church, and I’m so unbelievably happy that I get to be a representative of His church. The church is so so so so so true. I see miracles everyday, and if the church weren´t true, the missionaries, these 19 and 21 year olds, would have ruined it long ago. Haha.  Mega spiritual moment time!!
Family, I know that this church is true, and not just because Mami is amazing, and made me go to church even when I didn’t want to, but because I know that Heavenly Father loves me. And if He loves me, Hes going to do everything to help me come back to His presence.  He sent his Son Jesus Christ here to not only die for me, but to establish his church, to teach his doctrine, to tell me EXACTLY what I need to do to get back to Heavenly Father. I need a church that has God´s permission to be here. God is a God of order, and of revelation. And if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever as it says in the scriptures, there should be His church for me today. And I have it. If this were the church of Joseph Smith it would be called the Church of Joseph Smith. He was called by God to be a prophet, and everyone can come to know that. And by the power of God, we have the Book of Mormon, and everything we need to live in never ending happiness. I know that Book is true because I’ve asked God, and I’ve gotten an answer. And because everytime I read, I become a better person. Everything Heavenly Father does is out of love. I’m so glad that we all can be together for all of eternity. We´re a pretty funny family, and I’m glad I’ll be laughing in the eternities.
NEXT WEEK I WANT YOUR TESTIMONIES!! For realz. Please? As a “happy 10 months” present? yay!
I love you all so much.