Feb 20 the week i wasnt crying, it was just raining… on my face…

23 Feb

…Ok,  I didn’t cry… but it did rain. A lotttt. But it felt sooo good, because it’s super hot. But then it got humid. That wasn’t nice for my hair. It was quiiiiiiiiiite attractive.

Guys … I’M TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!! In San Jose de Mayo… here. Yay! I have to go to Montevideo all alone at 5 am. I will most likely get kidnapped, but hey… ya can’t always get what ya want. I’m really excited and super nervous all at once. I dunno HOW I’m supposed to train, but we´ll see. It’s going to be hard since we aren’t really doing normal missionary work, we´re doing El Rescate. But Pres. and Hna. Davidson are coming to visit people with us Wednesday and Thursday… and they have a car… and Hna. Davidson makes treats… and Pres. Davidson asked if there are any good ice cream spots in San Jose. DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.

Oh, we had a miracle. We ate lunch with some members, and then they texted us later and said they had a lady at the house who we need to baptize, so we went over and we taught her, she accepted a fecha, and totally came to church yesterday! YAAAAAAAAAY! So please pray that my oro and I can have a baptism. I want to have success with her, so pray that we can have unity and all that… haha. Ok, well, I love you all. Keep it classy.

And pray I don’t get shanked in Montevideo …

-Hna. Rrrrrrrrrruiz


2 Responses to “Feb 20 the week i wasnt crying, it was just raining… on my face…”

  1. Katie Reed February 28, 2012 at 5:24 am #

    XIOMARA!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU!!! Did you get the postcard brit and I sent you from Paris????
    Well I just wanted to say I love you!!!!

  2. kimberly cordova!!!! February 29, 2012 at 2:51 am #

    Dear xiomara i miss you like crazy!!! Im writing you a letter. . . You know the response letter to a great and amazing life changing letter that you sent back in september? Life has been hectic. So please forgive me. I hope you have the same address. . . Or it will be a real lost letter. I love you seemorebutts!!!!

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