the week i made my oro cry… ON ACCIDENT

6 Mar

I’m the worst trainer everrrrrrrrr. But she doesn’t talk, at all, and its REALLY frustrating and so incredibly difficult for me. This is a companionship, it def doesn’t matter who’s junior or senior companion or if I have en eternity on the mission, or am new. We’re all set apart to do the work, and if you don’t ACT, then how will you progress. Maybe I’m trying to throw her into the pit, but honestly, she’s already in the field, she needs to work. But she’s really really nice. She’s so innocent and wants to do good. I think training is seriously prepping me to be a mom. Haha. But I want to teach her well. And I will. I’m gonna send her off to Argentina right.

This week was crazy. We were running around ALL of San Jose finding less active people. As in…. wild goose chase to find their address, because NO ONE on our list of 300+ people live where it says they are. But we had an AMAZING experience with a man named Gerardo. We were looking for his family, and she was finding his door, and at first he was a little standoffish and was like “They aren’t home… they just left,…” and we were like “Ok, so these people live here? Are you baptized in this church??” and he was like “No… I used to go… but no, I never got baptized,” and I felt like I should talk about families, and so I started talking about how the gospel will bless all his family together, and I know ’cause I’ve seen it in our family, and he started CRYING. And I was like “Um… Gerardo, are there family problems?” And he went off on how his family is all messed up, and he doesn’t know what to do, and how he’s been looking for an answer. And we were like “It’s not a coincidence that we’re here…” We actually were going to go to another part of the city, but when we were in a fork in the road, I last second decided to go to the right, which was to find Gerardo’s family, and bam, there was Gerardo, waiting for an answer to his prayers. We then taught him about families, and the plan Heavenly Father has for each of us individually, and as a whole family, and his heart just completely opened. His eyes were all watery and he was totally feeling the Spirit in his heart. He himself was like “When are the church meetings?” and he said he would totally come. I believe him, too. He’s so great. He’s in the elder’s area, though. So that sucks. But we said we would see him at church, and he was happy.
We also had a crazy miracle with finding a new investigator in our area. There was a lady on our list to find, Maria Isabel Gonzalez, and we went to this address, and a lady came out. And her name is Maria Isabel, but not Gonzalez. And I thought she was just lying to us, but then she let us pass, and I was like, “Wait … what?” And she listened, and she, too, was like “Can I go to church on Sunday??!” And so she came yesterday, and she has a fecha for the 17th! Pray for her PLEASE. She’s so amazing. She needs to get baptized. She needs a lot of prayers. She’s all alone and she needs to gospel to make her feel whole again. I love her. Today’s her birthday. We`re going over at 7 to festejar with her. It’ll be great.
Yes, yes. Good, good. Gotta get going now…. pray for me. Oh! We’re doing a choque de fuerza in Canelones on Wednesday. It’s when our entire district goes to one area and attacks the place. The elders in Canelones have NO investigators, and so we are gonna go help them out. I’m really excited. This time it’ll be a real choque the fuerza. When we did one with the hermanas in La Paloma. It was more like “choque de fotos on the beach”… Yeah. My bad. But this time it will be amazing!! I love you all very much. Pray that I won’t make more tears come outta my oro’s face!! love yoooooooooou!!

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