Mar 13 11 months down, 7 to go!!!!!

17 Mar

DUDE. Next month I have a year. CRAZY. Trunky call. UH OH. I think Byron said flying in to SF was easier? WOW. Actually thinking about that is weird. Haha.

This week was really really hard. These next 2 months are going to be really hard. Training is hard, and I’m having challenges working with my oro. I’m trying to love her, but I haven’t gotten there yet. There isn’t just a wall around her, there is a fortress, and then 20 feet of lead wall, then a moat with sharks with lasers on their foreheads… and then an electrical fence like the ones in Jurassic Park… and then invisible duct tape over her mouth. She got snappy yesterday and I got very very angry. I never get mad. This is all weird.

We lost our golden investigator. She was NOT herself when we went over, and I was actually kinda scared. I didn’t feel the spirit all, and I didn’t like it. I felt… vulnerable and unprotected. I hadn’t felt like that the whole mission. So we tried to get her to let us sing her a song, and she just kept refusing and saying crazy things, and then we eventually sang and read a scripture and then she calmed down. She’s epileptic, and i think she may have changed her medications. We had zero investigators in church, and no recent converts came. BUT… Gerardo came!!!! The man who we found LAST Sunday who was sad and said he would come, and he did. It was precious. He saw us, and he started crying. And for some reason I had to teach Sunday School, even though the teacher was there AND the ward mission leader….. random… but it was all about the life of Jesus, and I could tell he needed it. It was a good lesson. Even though he’s not in our area, I really hope the elders can teach him and get him baptized.

We had an activity yesterday, and we had NO time to write, so we are doing it today. We all played soccer and watched the Emma Smith movie. It was a LOT of fun. I made cookies. Like, real, delicious cookies. I now will for realz make happy time cookies for my kids.
But yeah. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Times are tough. At least when I’m done with training, I’ll have 13 months! Woo!! Haha. I love you all!!


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