Mar 19 the week of Gaucho Fest 2012!!!!!

22 Mar

It was hilarious. We were walking home from Church and I hear “VIVA LA PATRIA!!!” from the plaza, and I was like “What? LET’S EXPLORE!!” and it was a parade of gauchos, like, hundreds and hundreds of horses and gauchos. It was amazing. And later, we got superrr lost, and stumbled upon the Woodstock of Gauchos. All I wanted was a picture with one, his horse, and his mate… the drink… not the partner.
This week was really really hard. Things with my companion are not improving. It’s very hard. There is just no effort coming from her, and it’s so unbelievably difficult. We are just complete opposites. Gotta adapt.  We aren’t finding people to teach, and I know that its because we don’t have unity. She keeps just giving up, and a lot of the time I feel that way too… but ya can’t! I don’t know what to doooooo. I’ll be oooooooookay!

My 2 favorite people in the ward are getting sealed this weekend!! I love them so much. They’re Alejandro and Adriana. They’re a young couple who are converts of like 4 years. She sings! Really lovely. And he works at a molino that’s right next to their house. Like, literally. He takes 2 steps and he’s at work. It’s pretty funny when we eat lunch, and he’s like “I have to start going to work now!” and it’s like 2 minutes before. Haha. We have lunch with them every Friday. Oh, have I mentioned that we eat lunch with people here? Dinner doesn’t exist, and if it does, it’s at like 11pm. Lunch here is serious business; so is SIESTA!! There is NO ONE in the streets from noon to 3. Seriously. Everything is closed, and if we knock doors, we do fast contacts because people are grumpy because they were napping. I wish we could siesta!!
Also, I’m ward chorister. It’s cool, I guess. Except for the pianist is HORRIBLE. Not only is it just a fake piano, it’s like an 8o’s synthesizer and the hermano just learned how to play, and he’s decided to tackle the regular hymnal instead of Hymns Made Easy. All the hymns are slaughtered. It’s so sad. I have to literally hold myself back from laughing. A lot of members have been like “I’m so sorry you have to lead”. It’s really funny.

We went to Santa Lucia again today. It was a lot of fun. We made tacos!! And I tried to make tortillas. I have a recipe Hna. Bowers left me, and they were good… except for they didn’t look pretty, and there were 10 of us and only like 16 tortillas came out. And there was a huuuuge thing of taco meat….. so we just ate the meat alone after. We went to get ice cream after at this one amazzzzing ice cream place. I usually hate milky ice cream, but this place is amazing. Miracle. My district is really awesome. They’re good Elders. They’re hilarious, and we all get along really well.  Except for 2 other elders who exclude themselves completely from the group. It’s really annoying. They’ve complained about not feeling included, and them bam, they run away the 1st chance they get.  There are a lot of things that annoy me. Haha. But Elder Liddle found Skittles in a supermarket this weekend, and he shared, and a ray of sunshine appeared. Haha. Mini miracle. It’s the tiny things that are getting me through. Prayers would be appreciated!! And skittles… haha. I love you all.


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