the week i had a sinus infection AND cold AND Fall suddenly appeared

27 Mar

This week was not eventful at all. Except for my nose was going crazy up da ying yang. But today was a lot of fun!! The Davidsons came to celebrate that we all finished El Rescate! Yup. WE´RE DONE!! I probably didn’t explain what exactly it was, but just know that it involved running around ALL of San Jose and the majority of our time to find these less-actives. And… none of them lived at the addresses we were given… but we are done with that, so that’s cool. So today they came, bought us hamburgers (Guayan style = such a shame and nasty… except for it has ham, cheese, and an egg, so that’s fun) and we played games! We played Pounce, which we WILL play once I get home, and we played Settlers of Catan. Super nerdy, I know … but I won!!! With the help of Hna. Davidson. All the elders were so mad that she was helping me out.  The Davidsons finish up in July, and then they’re heading back to the states for a while, and when I get home, they’ll still be around and not out on another mission, so I hope I get to see them.

Today is Hna. Laura’s birthday. She is the best member everrrrr. I love going to their house. This morning we went over and made pancakes for her. She was like “They were made by an American! THEY’RE LEGIT!!” I had her 3 little sons help me out. they made a MESS, but they made some pretty awesome pancakes and eggs. And we are about to go over again to play Pictionary as a noche de hogar with the elders, and a couple who just got sealed this weekend.
Change calls are this next weekend… Our bishop gave us goats milk. That was…. fun…. he lives super far away, so we had to catch the bus back into the city holding a Pepsi bottle full of goats milk. It was… interesting. Apparently it doesn’t have lactose!! He was like “HERMANA RUIZ! ENJOYYY!” It was funny.
We get to have another sleepover with the hermanas in Progreso this weekend! I get to see Hna. Kirkham! I hope we get to do splits, so I can go with her and just talk. I need help to be sane again. We get to watch conference in Las Piedras with the whooooole zone. Its going to be a lot of fun. I’m excited!!! I friggin’ loooove conference!!
Anyway. I love you all so much. Pray this week that someone in conference will answer a question, or doubt that you have, or to speak about a topic that you specifically need, and to recognize that talk when it comes. CONFERENCE! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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