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the week temptation came in the form of karaoke

23 Apr

The ward had an activity (miracleeeeeee, there are never activities,) and our investigators (who are TOTALLY getting baptized this weekend! 2! Yaaaay! more on that later) went, so we went with them. And there was karaoke. So much karaoke. It was a lot of fun WATCHING everyone sing. I wanted to go up and sing really bad, but I couldn’t. My life is so hard. Haha. The activity was Thursday, and then as we were leaving the bishop was like “Oh yeah, um, it’s the missionaries turn to clean the chapel this week” …. thankssssssssss! It wasn’t super messy. That was nice.

So last weekend I fasted to find people prepared to be baptized. Wednesday we had a capacitación with President Davidson about doing the 2nd part of the Rescate… but this one is better than Rescate part 1, because these people we KNOW live there, and most of them are part-member families, so we gt to baptize the rest after we activate the head of the house! Yaaay! That’s how Mayra is. She is 9 years old. We found her Wednesday when we went to visit her mom, who is mega less-active. We went, and she was like “I had a dream that the hermanas were teaching my daughter so she could get baptized.” UM. WOW. I was like “Oh…… well……… we´re here….” It was amazing. And then when she came to the activity, she told me that she talked to her nephew, and he wants to get baptized as well! His name is Ruben, and hes 23, and super quiet, and amazing. He doesn’t know how to read, and so I’m gonna try and help him with that. I feel kinda bad, though, because his family is like “Oh, well, he’s not that smart. He’s not that deep of a person; he’s just dumb”. Like, in front of him. And I’m like “No! He’s so cool! He totally gets what we are teaching”. Like, we were teaching him about the gospel of Christ, and I asked him “What does baptism mean to you?” and he went on a deep, mega spirit bringing explanation about how it’s how we are free and closer to God because we turn our lives to Jesus Christ. His aunt was like, “WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?” He’s so ready. I’m excited.  And we found them because of Rescate Part Deux! Yessssssssss.
Yesterday we ran into the MEANEST old people ever. We were just doing contacts in one of the plazas, and I was like “Hola somos misioneras,” and he asked me where I was from, and he was like “Well you can go back now, because we don’t need to hear your crap, we have enough churches here, thanks” and I was like “Oh yeah, what church do you go to?” and he didn’t go to any, and then he proceeded to yell and say that we have enough teaching about Jesus and told me to leave blahblahblah. And I got MAD. And so I was like, “Well, you are totally invited to church, and also invited to do as Christ did, and treat people with love and respect! OKBYEEEEEEE.” The old man that was next to him was like “Escuchalas, che, dejala hablar” (everyone calls everyone che. i love it) He just laughed when I said that and nodded his head in agreement. He was cool. Haha. Then we ran into some ladies from the church Para De Sufrir…….. heh….. yeah…….. they had just come from the “make me rich” church service. YUP. For real. They said that, and I was like “Um, Jesus never taught that…. but HEY, restoration!!!!” I like that after being in the mission for a year, nothing surprises me anymore. I like running into other church people so I can see more clearly how our church is so true. I want to help them, but hey. I do the best i can.
We had an activity today in Santa Lucia. Played soccer and ultimate frisbee and ate CHORIPAN! So delicious. It was a lot of fun. I love our district. Even though things are still hard with my comp, I’m glad that there are people that keep me sane in the district. I need you guys to pray that Mayra and Ruben get baptized. Mayra is very A.D.D., and she doesn’t really listen or even stay in the charlas, so we need help with knowing what to do. And Ruben is pretty solid, but I want him to FEEL this, you know, not just do it because his aunt is his hero and she’s telling him to. And also, while you’re at it, pray for me. Patience is a virtuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeee…. that i need to develop.
Ok! I love you all! It’s almost MAY! Crazy! Which means I’m almost 23. Omg. Ya know, I don’t feel 22. I feel a lot older, and it’s weird.  I feel a lot more mature. That’s nice. I’m recognizing more and more the changes that I’ve gone through. 6 more months! Woot woot!
3 weeks and I get to skype with my family!!!!!!!

April 16 12 MONTHS DOWN!!! 6 TO GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 Apr


Today was INSANE. We got up, studied did all that normal stuff ’til 10. Then for the first time ever, we decided to go to the internet place early to check email. Just as I sit down at the computer, the secretaries call. I answer, and it’s awesome Elder Aleman (from Rocha! my DL for 3 changes!) and he’s like “Heeeeeeeeeeey. So. Um. 2 things ……… 1. You have to be in Montevideo at 12:30…””WHAT?! It’s almost 11…. and I live 2 hours away” “Ya…. sorry….. you need to sign your visa. But this other question will make it all better…. what airport do you fly into??” TRUNKY CALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said SFO. Yesssssss. I gave him Byron’s email, because it’s the easiest…. so expect my flight info to come sometime. Tell me ASAP. So I got my trunky call, and then I remembered that I had to go to Montevideo. So I turn to my comp and I’m like, ” We have to get to Tres Cruces (the bus terminal in Montevideo) NOWWWWWW”, and so we RAN home to get money and then RAN to the terminal. At one point, I thought she was running next to me, and she was actually like a block behind me, but then we caught a bus and we got to Tres Cruces on time. I got to see Elders Woodmansee, Coon and Kimball! The ones I flew from the states with. And Elder Villar, who was also my DL in Rocha. He’s so fun! He’s Zone Leader now. I love seeing all these elders moving on up. They’re so great. It was a fun bonding moment today. There were a whole bunch of elders from the other mission. I thought they were oros, and I’m pretty sure I offended one when I was like “Are you all oros? Who are you?!” … but they were from the Oeste mission. One of them was Elder Ruiz. We both looked at each others badges at the same time and we were like “SIBLING?!?!?” It was funny. We talked at the immigration place. He’s from Ecuador. I’ll try and email pics next week.
This last week we had interviews with President. That helped SOOOOOOO MUCH. And I got to see Hna. Kirkham again, and some elders who are so fun. I felt normal and sane once again. President helped me a lot with my companion. It still sucks… but it’s better! Baby steps!  She’s staying ’til May 15th or later, but there are changes in 3 weeks. Anyway. My district is so funny. At least Elder Denny and Trejo are. We have all wanted to eat choripan (chorizo + pan = choripan!!!) since day one, and we finally got to eat it all together this last week. It was so awesome. And delicious.
It was my companion’s birthday this week. She got a makeover from a recent convert this week who is a hairdresser…. it was……. different…….. I need to upload pictures. I let her have time with  few people she kinda talks to so she could enjoy her day. The zone leaders weren’t too happy with that. But if it made her get that look of “I want to die” off her face for a day, hey, I’m gonna go with it. It was also the day I hit a year. I didn’t really do anything I wanted to. I expected me hitting a year to be fun, buuuuut I just bought some springrolls that I’ve wanted for foreverrrr but they’re expensive…. and they were CRAP! Worst way to celebrate ever. But all is well. I made some brownies…. for her, because she was asking me all day for them.  She’s hovering over me right now… and it’s awkward. My life is so awkward.
6months6months. Well, I love you all. Let’s start this countdown now. Haha. I’m so trunky. But no worries. I’ll still work. I still am working! my butt off! I’m so EXHAUSTED! I wanted to sleep all today, but instead we had to book it to Montevideo. But it was fun. Worth ittttttttttt. I’ve learned so much this past year. I’m so happy that I got to come on a mission. I’m glad I listened to that mega random prompting to pray about it, and I’m glad I got the most clear answer from the scriptures about coming on a mission. I know this church is true. There is no way that it can’t be. I know that Christ lives, and that He died for me so that I can one day get to live with my family in never ending happiness. How amazing is that? That’s the Plan! Happiness! And I know that the things I teach are true, because they’ve changed me, and they’ve changed the people that I’ve met. I love you all!!!

the week i celebrated easter by going to catholic mass

10 Apr

We were all secret and sitting in the back. It was hilarious. My district leader didn’t find it very funny, though. I thought it was cool to see how others celebrate Easter. We didn’t go Sunday, no worries. We went like Thursday or something. I didn’t understand that the freak was going on, but the cathedral is reaallllyyyy pretty, so I just stared around the whole time.

– On Friday, we had a BBQ. The members we eat lunch with on Fridays are my favorite people ever, Alenjandro and Adriana, and they were like “Guess what we’re eating on Good Friday…….. MEAT!!!” It was delicious, and their nephew, who is catholic, was there with us, and he totally was like, “This is blasphemous…. but iI like it …”
– My district is super boring now. Elder Liddle and Elder Reynolds are gone, and this has been the loneliest week ever. My new DL just talks about numbers, and then hangs up. Not cool. Luckily, we have interviews with President this week, which means I get to see the zone, and I get to talk to people! Yay!
-I talked with Hna Bravo. I miss her so much! Shes training!!!! I’m so proud of her. But she’s in Melo, and 1. She said a lot of people came BACK to Melo. So I have hope to end up in Melo again!!!! and 2. Elder Griffin, who whitewashed Castillos after we left, he’s the Zone Leader in Melo, and he told Hna. Bravo that Maxi, my recent convert, is totally gonna serve a mission! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! That was seriously my goal for my mission. Baptize someone who would end up going on a mission. Thanks, Maxi, for being friggin’ awesome. I’m so happy for him. I miss Castillos sooooo much. San Jose is cool… but I think my heart secretly belongs to Castillos. Haha.
– The new elders in San Jose are pretty cool. We had to wait for them at the bus station for like and hour and a half, because we had no idea which bus they were taking. But they were cool. One of them is a Valiente. …. Ok, here in the mission we have names for the newbies, Oros, and a name for the people who are in their last change, which is Valiente. Hes training and a valiente! He’s pretty cool. He’s Paraguayo. I like the Paraguayan accent, it’s fun. The oro is Guayan, and is here like my companion, waiting for his visa to go to Mexico.
– I saw a dog that looked like an orc ……….. it SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME. Just thought you’d totally want to know that. Middle earth is really Uruguay. Not New Zealand. Hey, I hear the movie The Hobbit is coming out? Is that true?
– Im almosssssssssst done with reading the 4 gospels. I friggin’ love the new testament!!! Christ was so direct with his teachings. I’m also reading Jesus the Christ, which is such a mind explosion. I’m learning a lot. It’s great.
I HIT A YEAR ON SATURDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! That’s so crazy. I’m SO excited. Hey, only 6 1/2 months left!!!!!  COUNTDOWN STARTS NOWWWWW!!! ….. someone count for me. Haha.
Ok. I love you all so much. Thanks for all your support this last year. I couldn’t do this if I didn’t have family support. You guys are the bestestest!!
-Hna. Xioooooo

Apr 2 the week i watched trunky images of Utah

9 Apr

…. I mean …. watched General Conference …

Wasn’t it amazing?!?! I liked when that 70, who I can’t remember his name, told everyone that writing to missionaries helps the work progress. Um. It’s TRUE. I didn’t see the importance of mail ’til i started not getting much. (Except from Linnea. Shes always solid. BFF!!) It’s a confidence booster, it really is. I also love how they focused so much on families, and how we need to pray with our kids… not that I have kids… but I do have investigators! And I want them to know the importance of prayer. It’s so amazing that as tiny and seemingly insignificant as we are, Heavenly Father wants to listen to me, and know what I need. He knows everything that’s going on in my life, but he wants to hear it from me. I love the gospel. It’s so great 🙂 Not only do I love conference in general, but this weekend was so much fun!!! On Saturday we got to go to Las Piedras to watch conference with our zone! YAY!! On Friday I baked so. many. friggin. cookies. BUT, they were the best I’ve made. Elder Liddle even said they’re the best cookies hes ever had, ever. I was honored. Hahaha. I think he just wanted another cookie…. haha.
We got to have a 2 day sleepover with Hermana Kirkham and her oro. 2 nights, because it was Saturday night for Sunday conference, and last night so we could have a zone activity today! We got special permission, ’cause that’s definitely not allowed. Ha. We all played soccer. It was a lot of fun. My comp didn’t play, but the rest of us did. And it was funny, ’cause Hna. Kirkham and I didn’t really know what was going on, so we just ran around. It was great. We had change calls last night! I’m staying with my oro, Hna Rodriguez, but only for like another week. She finally got her visa. She leaves the country in like 8 days or something. Then I get a corto plazo! (a short term missionary, like, someone serving a mini mission, like I did with Hna. Veazey.) I’ve heard some horror stories about corto plazos, and so I would appreciate your prayers. I want to tell President I want to train again. I feel like I didn’t do a very good job, and I want another chance to do it right. I hope I can.
Ok. I am totally out of time. But I love you all. Something Elder Aleman made us do after last conference was set specific goals from the 3 talks that we were most touched by. Because if I just listen for the heck of it, then that’s all I did, listen. But the Lord didn’t inspire these people to speak to me just so I can listen and be like, “Wow, that was cool…. well, back to normal life!” Nope. I needed these talks because I need to improve and progress, and so I’m gonna set some goals, and I hope you call can as well. It’ll be great. Oh, the next time there’s conference, I will be 3 weeks from coming home. HOLLA. Elder Erwin goes home in my group, he’s in my zone, and every time we see each other he tells me how many days we have left. I think I have 213. Not that we think about these kinds of things!! Haha. I love the mission.

Ok. Chauuu!!

– hna rrrrrrrrrrrruiz