Apr 2 the week i watched trunky images of Utah

9 Apr

…. I mean …. watched General Conference …

Wasn’t it amazing?!?! I liked when that 70, who I can’t remember his name, told everyone that writing to missionaries helps the work progress. Um. It’s TRUE. I didn’t see the importance of mail ’til i started not getting much. (Except from Linnea. Shes always solid. BFF!!) It’s a confidence booster, it really is. I also love how they focused so much on families, and how we need to pray with our kids… not that I have kids… but I do have investigators! And I want them to know the importance of prayer. It’s so amazing that as tiny and seemingly insignificant as we are, Heavenly Father wants to listen to me, and know what I need. He knows everything that’s going on in my life, but he wants to hear it from me. I love the gospel. It’s so great 🙂 Not only do I love conference in general, but this weekend was so much fun!!! On Saturday we got to go to Las Piedras to watch conference with our zone! YAY!! On Friday I baked so. many. friggin. cookies. BUT, they were the best I’ve made. Elder Liddle even said they’re the best cookies hes ever had, ever. I was honored. Hahaha. I think he just wanted another cookie…. haha.
We got to have a 2 day sleepover with Hermana Kirkham and her oro. 2 nights, because it was Saturday night for Sunday conference, and last night so we could have a zone activity today! We got special permission, ’cause that’s definitely not allowed. Ha. We all played soccer. It was a lot of fun. My comp didn’t play, but the rest of us did. And it was funny, ’cause Hna. Kirkham and I didn’t really know what was going on, so we just ran around. It was great. We had change calls last night! I’m staying with my oro, Hna Rodriguez, but only for like another week. She finally got her visa. She leaves the country in like 8 days or something. Then I get a corto plazo! (a short term missionary, like, someone serving a mini mission, like I did with Hna. Veazey.) I’ve heard some horror stories about corto plazos, and so I would appreciate your prayers. I want to tell President I want to train again. I feel like I didn’t do a very good job, and I want another chance to do it right. I hope I can.
Ok. I am totally out of time. But I love you all. Something Elder Aleman made us do after last conference was set specific goals from the 3 talks that we were most touched by. Because if I just listen for the heck of it, then that’s all I did, listen. But the Lord didn’t inspire these people to speak to me just so I can listen and be like, “Wow, that was cool…. well, back to normal life!” Nope. I needed these talks because I need to improve and progress, and so I’m gonna set some goals, and I hope you call can as well. It’ll be great. Oh, the next time there’s conference, I will be 3 weeks from coming home. HOLLA. Elder Erwin goes home in my group, he’s in my zone, and every time we see each other he tells me how many days we have left. I think I have 213. Not that we think about these kinds of things!! Haha. I love the mission.

Ok. Chauuu!!

– hna rrrrrrrrrrrruiz


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