April 16 12 MONTHS DOWN!!! 6 TO GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 Apr


Today was INSANE. We got up, studied did all that normal stuff ’til 10. Then for the first time ever, we decided to go to the internet place early to check email. Just as I sit down at the computer, the secretaries call. I answer, and it’s awesome Elder Aleman (from Rocha! my DL for 3 changes!) and he’s like “Heeeeeeeeeeey. So. Um. 2 things ……… 1. You have to be in Montevideo at 12:30…””WHAT?! It’s almost 11…. and I live 2 hours away” “Ya…. sorry….. you need to sign your visa. But this other question will make it all better…. what airport do you fly into??” TRUNKY CALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said SFO. Yesssssss. I gave him Byron’s email, because it’s the easiest…. so expect my flight info to come sometime. Tell me ASAP. So I got my trunky call, and then I remembered that I had to go to Montevideo. So I turn to my comp and I’m like, ” We have to get to Tres Cruces (the bus terminal in Montevideo) NOWWWWWW”, and so we RAN home to get money and then RAN to the terminal. At one point, I thought she was running next to me, and she was actually like a block behind me, but then we caught a bus and we got to Tres Cruces on time. I got to see Elders Woodmansee, Coon and Kimball! The ones I flew from the states with. And Elder Villar, who was also my DL in Rocha. He’s so fun! He’s Zone Leader now. I love seeing all these elders moving on up. They’re so great. It was a fun bonding moment today. There were a whole bunch of elders from the other mission. I thought they were oros, and I’m pretty sure I offended one when I was like “Are you all oros? Who are you?!” … but they were from the Oeste mission. One of them was Elder Ruiz. We both looked at each others badges at the same time and we were like “SIBLING?!?!?” It was funny. We talked at the immigration place. He’s from Ecuador. I’ll try and email pics next week.
This last week we had interviews with President. That helped SOOOOOOO MUCH. And I got to see Hna. Kirkham again, and some elders who are so fun. I felt normal and sane once again. President helped me a lot with my companion. It still sucks… but it’s better! Baby steps!  She’s staying ’til May 15th or later, but there are changes in 3 weeks. Anyway. My district is so funny. At least Elder Denny and Trejo are. We have all wanted to eat choripan (chorizo + pan = choripan!!!) since day one, and we finally got to eat it all together this last week. It was so awesome. And delicious.
It was my companion’s birthday this week. She got a makeover from a recent convert this week who is a hairdresser…. it was……. different…….. I need to upload pictures. I let her have time with  few people she kinda talks to so she could enjoy her day. The zone leaders weren’t too happy with that. But if it made her get that look of “I want to die” off her face for a day, hey, I’m gonna go with it. It was also the day I hit a year. I didn’t really do anything I wanted to. I expected me hitting a year to be fun, buuuuut I just bought some springrolls that I’ve wanted for foreverrrr but they’re expensive…. and they were CRAP! Worst way to celebrate ever. But all is well. I made some brownies…. for her, because she was asking me all day for them.  She’s hovering over me right now… and it’s awkward. My life is so awkward.
6months6months. Well, I love you all. Let’s start this countdown now. Haha. I’m so trunky. But no worries. I’ll still work. I still am working! my butt off! I’m so EXHAUSTED! I wanted to sleep all today, but instead we had to book it to Montevideo. But it was fun. Worth ittttttttttt. I’ve learned so much this past year. I’m so happy that I got to come on a mission. I’m glad I listened to that mega random prompting to pray about it, and I’m glad I got the most clear answer from the scriptures about coming on a mission. I know this church is true. There is no way that it can’t be. I know that Christ lives, and that He died for me so that I can one day get to live with my family in never ending happiness. How amazing is that? That’s the Plan! Happiness! And I know that the things I teach are true, because they’ve changed me, and they’ve changed the people that I’ve met. I love you all!!!

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