Apr 30 the week of i had a fever and the only prescription was….

6 May

2 BAPTISMS!! YAY!! Mayra and Ruben got baptized!! But the opposition came to ME. Because Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, not gonna lie, probably should have gone to the hospital. I had a feverrrrrrrrrrrrr that had me confused and crazy and sweating and saying whatever. I remember I was writing something in my journal, and I woke up, and I had drawn a tombstone and I wrote my name, and it said “but at least they got baptized”… Hahahaha. I seriously do NOT remember drawing that… but I’m better now. Yay!

Figuring out the heater for the baptism was INSANE. We went at 3:00 to figure it out. Then the elders came. We tried to turn it on; that didn’t work. Then called a member. The member called a member, the members called 2 others to come, and then it was 5:00, the baptism started at 6:00, and we had a font full of cold water, and it was FREEZING outside. So then we figured out that the gas wasn’t on in the building, and so we called the gas man and he came at like 5:30, and then the gas came on, and the hot water came, and then we ended up having the baptism at like 6:40. Whoooops. But Mayra and Ruben didn’t mind.

Mayra has 2 little brothers who are twins who are INSANE, and they DESTROYEDDDDD the primary. I felt bad. But they’re so cute. I love baptism. The spirit always comes so strongly when the prayer is being said, it’s so amazing and true. I’m so glad we have the priesthood in this church. 🙂 I’m also glad I finally got to give my oro a baptism experience. This was a true miracle, They just fell into our laps, so I’m grateful that even though we aren’t getting along, the Lord still provides a way for us to get along, even if it’s for 45 minutes during a lesson. Haha.

I remember that before we went out to teach Ruben and Mayra (because I didn’t care how sick I was, I was gonna teach them) I would say the weakest prayer and then snail walk all the way to their house which is faaaaaaaaar away, and somehow when I got there I had the energy to teach. It really was a miracle. Because when I walked out, it all drained away and I plopped on my bed once I got home.

Today was the BEST P-DAY EVERRRR!!!!!!!!!! So we had to go to Montevideo, because my comp had to get a background check for her visa. And I thought it was just going to be us in Tres Cruces, but we get into the main waiting area and BAM. Like, everyone I know on the mission was there!! Even Elder Liddle, who was in my district the last 2 changes, and was here in San Jose was there! And Elder Trejo who is still there. We all bonded and talked about how awesome our district was. We were definitely the loudest of all the like 20 missionaries that were there. Whoops. It was the best reunion ever! But they were all there to sign their visas, like I did a couple of weeks ago, and we were there for another reason. So the secretaries put us in a taxi and we ended up in some random spot of Montevideo waiting for them, and yeah. She got her background check. We have to go to Montevideo again next week I think for her to actually GET her visa. I’m gonna be so poor. Bus tickets ain’t cheap!

It was so great to see everyone. Elder Rodriguez told me that they got robbed in Las Piedras. At home. While they were sleeping. Hahahaha. They even stole their gas tank for the stove. I was like “HOW did you not wake up?” “I dunno…. I was TIRED!!!” Plus, they live on the 4th floor. We decided that the thieves had a trampoline. It’s the only logical solution.

Today was a lot of fun. I like today. I needed a good day like this. Some good, healthy and happy human interaction. I love you all. Pray this week I don’t get sick and draw things in my fever sleep!!
-hna xioooooo


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