May 7 the week I put some 10 year olds in check

11 May

Some kids here are RUDE. And so some dumb kids were talking smack while walking behind us, and so I turned around, and was like “Little boy, what did you say???” and they shut up, and then I told them that they need to respect people, because it’s what Jesus did, and if they don’t do what Jesus did they won’t be happy and so that’s why they need to shut up. Hahaha. I’m such a jerk. But they did not say nice things, soooooo they deserved it.

This week was “veranillo”… So Uruguay is weird, and for one week in the fall it gets SUPER hot, and then all of the sudden it’s as cold as it gets. So that was this last week. It’s really cool here. You can tell when it’s going to rain, because the air feels different and it gets really hot. I feel like the weather (wo)man.

We have one investigator here; her name is Yessica. She looks like Shakira, and talks like her, and even sings just like her. She’s so awesome. She’s 19, and she adores this couple that recently got sealed. She didn’t believe in God when we met her, but now she wants to hear more and more from us, and she definitely accepted the invitation to be baptized, but then when we tried to put a fecha for baptism (the 26th… my birthday… HINTHINTHINT) she was like “No! NOOOOO!!! There is no way I am getting baptized in the month of May.” I was surprised. I kinda knew she was going to say no, but I didn’t expect that response. But she’s amazing, and she’s cried the both times she’s come to church, and even in the last 2 charlas so she’s gonna get baptized, but just not when I’m here. Boooo.

Change calls are this Sunday! I kinda wanna stay in San Jose, but I’m ready for a new comp. I really like San Jose, but we´ll see where I go. I think I’m going to Parque del Plata. I had a dream I went back to Melo, to Gianola. It was the BESSSSSSST. I hope I’m secretly psychic and it happens.

Hey! I get to see you guys on Sunday! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!! I love you all so much it hurts my tiny soul.


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