the week i was thrown in “da hood”

21 May

So, my area is GHETTO. But, like, GHEEEETTTTOOOOOOOOO. I won’t tell you how ghetto, but its enough that I seriously want you guys to pray for me and my companion to be safe. Yeah. ´nuff said. There’s a street here called Justicia,… and it’s the biggest drug street ever. It’s so ironic. Don’t worry, we avoid that street as if it has the black plague. Because it probably does.

But the members here are awesome. The ward has some unity, and we are trying to help with that. We have a lot of eternal investigators, aka, eternagators. But they’re loyal, and come to church, and each one for their own reasons haven’t actually been baptized. But I have hope! They’re such great people!
We went to changes on Tuesday! Monday was crazy. After I emailed we went to the zoo with Elder DeSalvo and Nuñez. It was so much fun! I saw a lion! Rawrz! She LUNGED at me, but luckily, there was a wimpy chain link fence in between us. One more lunge, and I’m sure I would have been mauled, buuuuuuuut all is well! I had a carpincho (a capybara) bark, or whatever that sound was… at me, after I snapped a picture. It scared me. Basically, the animals all hated me, so that was scary. Not the most Snow White moment, but it was a lot of fun spending some time with the elders on our last day in San Jose. We all got along really well.
Then, later that night, we went to say goodbye to some members. Saying bye to Laura and Nilo was super hard. Their house was like our Guayan home. I cried. I never cryyyyy! But saying bye to Laura after all her amazing advice and help and laughs was very hard. They’re getting sealed in July, and the comp I have now, Hna. Acosta, is like literally their adopted child, and so Laura and Nilo are going to ask the mission president if we can go to their sealing. That is, if we are together. It would be perfection if we are together when they get sealed.
I read my convert, Maxi´s letter. He is TOTALLY going on a mission. He said hes going to try and leave in November. Which means if he gets his call in the next 5 months, I can go to the temple when he goes through. Which would be AMAZING. Because he told us one of his dreams once, and it was the temple. Exactly. To the t. He is going to be so happy when he goes. I NEED to be there.
I’m really excited to be here in Maldonado. Especially with Hermana Acosta. Her and I get along really well. Ok. I love you all so much. Happy birthday to me on Saturday. 23. I’m so old. So so very old. Haha.
1. You know my love for choripan? Well, there was a ward activity, and we had to leave before everyone ate, so they threw choripan in a bag and gave it to us. I was so happy.
2. Mate amigo. I love Uruguay. There are hot water vending machines for their thermos for their mate. They’re not addicted AT ALL.
3. Me and Agustin! This is one of Laura’s kids. He is so cool. This was at that asado we had on Sunday.
5. Hna. Rodriguez, yours truly, Elder DeSalvo, Facundo, Laura, Nilo, Rodrigo, Agustin and Elder Nuñez. This was Monday night before we said goodbye! How emo.
6. So, our neighbors are members, and we share a wall. We needed a pan last night, and so we hollered over the wall, and then we snapped a picture. This is Hna. Acosta and me! Yaaaay!

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