May 28 the week I turned into an OLD MAID

30 May
Hehehe. Just kidding. I’m FINALLY 23. Whenever people asked how old I was, I would always want to say more, because saying I was 22 felt weird, because I feel more mature than 22. But hey… now I’m 23! Cool beans!
What did I do to celebrate my 23d year of life? I went to McDonalds. It was awesome. There are only McDonalds here in Montevideo and one in Maldonado, and so to celebrate we went (see attached picture of me feasting). It was pretty awesome. I also found some Chipotle peppers, and I was overjoyed that I would have spicy food. Best. Birthday. Ever. Other than that we just walked around everywhere trying to find people to teach. That’s what we’re on the hunt for. We have a lot of eternal investigators, but we need people who are ready to make these covenants. Pray that we find miracles!
I don’t really remember what else happened. This week seemed like an ETERNITY, because we wanted to celebrate.  But it’s passed now. This is already week 3 of the change–that’s crazy. It’s weird how sometimes a week can go by sooooo slow, yet fast at the same time. Time as a missionary is a weird thing. I only have 4 1/2 months left. THAT’S INSANE. But… yeah. Ok, well, I’m gonna go and help a member make her birthday feast. She’s our neighbor and she’s amazing and so we are spending the day with her and her kids. She made me that cake that I attached a picture of.
Sorry I don’t have much more to talk about, this week wasn’t very eventful except for McDonalds, which is always a win in Uruguay. Ok, love you! Thanks for the birthday saludos!

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