the week(s) old man winter ultimate punched Uruguay in the face

12 Jun
IT’S SO COLD!!!!! The sucky part about being in Maldonado in the winter. Booooo. And sorry I didn’t write last week. Um. Bullet points to make up for all thats happened!
– My comp and I took an adventure to the most non-sketchy hospital ever. I NEVER want to end up in a Guayan public hospital. I’ll go to a private one, buuuuut if I have to go to a public one, I’ll just die. But no big deal. My comp had extreme stomach pain. I had NO idea what to do. I kept calling Hna. DaSilva asking her what I needed to do, and she helped keep me calm. We ended up going to the hospital just to make sure it wasn’t appendicitis. It wasn’t. She’s fine now. I blame all the mayonnaise and oil.
– We had Zone Conference. It was Pres DaSilva’s last one, and it was an AMAAAAZING conference. Wow. He quoted Elder Christofferson talking about missionary work in a conference they recently had for mission presidents, and he said that when missonaries understand the doctrine of Christ, we will realize the importance of this work, and the importance of opening our mouths. We can’t just share information, we need to offer salvation. DANG. I literally sat there slack jawed. It was a powerful moment. I don’t wanna share information, I want to preach, teach and save. The whole conference he spoke to us about how we need to be like mini saviors that lead people to the Savior. We are literally the only means these people have access to the power of the atonement. Wow. The church is true 🙂
– We have 2 miracle investigators. Last week, we had an amaaaazing district meeting where we all shared our testimony of how we came to know the Book of Mormon was true. In the middle of it, a lady knocked on the door, and the zone leaders went to go see. That night we get a call and they’re like “Hermana, they’re GOLDEN! They’re in your area! BAPTIZE THEM!” Ortencia is a nice older lady who is raising her grandson, Mateo. She felt like she needed to go inside the chapel that day and ask how to be a part of that church. She started off not wanting it for herself, but then she told us she felt super calm, and she wanted to know more. Her husband passed away a couple of years ago, and he was a member. She said that she never ever had the desire to learn more when he was a member, and she doesn’t know why it’s all come now. But her and Mateo are going to get baptized the 23rd. Please please please pray for them!! They need everyone’s prayers. They are ready, but I know that the opposition is going to come strong because they are so great, so they need the support. I’m so excited for them. PRAY FOR THEM!!!!! We have an activity this weekend where families are pairing up to make tartas, and we are going to make one with Ortencia and Mateo. Except none of them know how…. just gonna wing it…. or buy one… haha.
Ok, well I can’t remember what else happened in these last weeks. But they’ve been great. Changes are coming up on the 26th. Omg, and I hit 14 months this Thursday. CRAZYYYY. I’m so old. I have a very trunky and hilarious picture that I have for next week when I actually have 14 months. It involves me and the airport. Oh, we went to Montevideo last Monday for my comp to sign her visa, and our bus STOPPED AT THE AIRPORT. It was literally the TRUNKIEST thing ever. It was hilarious. Ok gotta go. Love you all!!

One Response to “the week(s) old man winter ultimate punched Uruguay in the face”

  1. Norio Reyes June 23, 2012 at 3:06 pm #

    Hola, prima como le va? Veo que anda de viaje, muchas bendiciones!!

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