June 18 14 months down 4 to go!!!!!!

23 Jun

Only 4?! Whaaaaaaaaaaat?

This week was insane. First, my companion got super sick and so we couldn’t really do much and that was boring, and then this weekend I got sick. It was NOT fun.
We had an amazing activity this week! It was a Noche de Tartas. All the families in the ward were paired up with another family and had to make a tart. It was DELICIOUS. So many tartas! We were going to make one with one of our investigators, but we ended up not having time. It was sad. But it was a good activity. We had some investigators, but we were expecting a whole lot more. Maybe next time.
Today we went to Punta Del Este. I dunno how I made it there alive. I’m still superrrr sick. But I guess the Lord wanted me to experience the majesty of the hand coming out of the sand. I forgot my camera cord, so next week I’ll email some pictures. It’ll be awesome.
We aren’t having baptisms this week. Ortencia and Mateo had a little freak out in church yesterday, and so Ortencia said she couldn’t do it anymore. It was really sad. But we are still gonna pass by. I wish Satan would stop being a jerk and let people gain their eternal salvation. I have learned what “opposition in all things” means here in the mission, and it’s not very pleasant. But all will be well. I know they’ll get baptized, they just need a bit more preparation.

This is the last week in the change, and I definitely didn’t know that. I thought that we were barely in week 3 or something. But nope. Definitely week 6. Then I only have 3 changes left. Weird. Ok, well, I have to go now. I love you all!!


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