July 2 the week of extreme home makeover: whitewash edition

6 Jul

Oh. My. Goodness. The house was HORRIBLE. I just tried to upload some pictures but it wouldn’t let me. Mein kampf. It’s probably best you don’t see the pictures. Your hearts would break.

This week we had changes! I always love going to changes. It’s so much fun to see everyone. It’s like a mini mission reunion. I got to say bye to Hna. Kirkham and Lundskog. I saw Hna. Bravo! I haven’t seen her since we left Castillos, and I even saw Elder DeSalvo, from San Jose. I miss San Jose!! Nilo and Laura from San Jose are getting sealed in a couple of weeks, and I think we´re going to get to go. I keep praying it still works out that way. That would be amazing.
So we whitewashed into Varela. There were elders here for about 4-5 years. Everyone is pretty excited that there are now hermanas. The branch needs to be united, and so we are totally going to be all lovey dovey and rainbows and butterflies and union, so hopefully that will all work out.
When we got to the house, first off, the door wouldn’t open. There were like 7 elders huddled around the door trying to get it open, and then like 5 minutes later it opened by a miracle. So then the elders all took in our luggage for us, because we had a lot (my comp doesn’t have a big luggage, so she had like 8 little bags. It was difficult to haul around for changes …) and we live on the 2nd floor…. and they all came down and were like “Hermanas, we are SOOO sorry about what they left…. sorry.” We were SO scared to go and see. So we went up and……. gross. It was gross. The floors and walls were sticky. The stove was BLACK with burned food. The sink was overflowing with dishes and the countertop was covered in food and dishes. And our room was just full of garbage. It was really gross. I laughed the whole time. My comp was pissed. Heheh. So we went to go buy some cleaning supplies and came back, I put my rain gear on, including rainboots, and cleaned the bathroom. I have never used so much bleach in my life. I smelled like bleach ’til Wednesday afternoon. Haha. But the house is better now. I can live in it without spraying disinfectant everywhere all the time. Its aiiight.
Varela is cute. Its small, its kind of like Castillos. But the branch is much smaller. There is a huuuuuuge lack of priesthood. We are gonna go visit some less active priesthood holders and try to get them to come back. And of course, we are totally gonna baptize some future priesthood holders! Wooo!
Maximiliano, my awesome convert from Castillos, sent me a letter that totally made me cry. I never cry, and he totally made tears come outta my face!!! He is turning in his mission papers this week!!! And he just wrote me a thank you letter for finding him and teaching him in Castillos. Awww, he’s so great. It was great, because this morning I had read Alma 26-28 where Ammon and Alma talk about why they’re so full of joy all the time, and it’s because of the missionary work they’re doing. And then I read Maxi’s letter, and it was totally an Ammon and Alma moment. Alma 29:9-10. My life. Basically. Haha. I really hope that he gets his call before I leave so that I can go to the temple with him!! That would probably be in October, because he hits a year as a member at the end of September. Wow. That would be a great way to end the mission. But no trunky thoughts yet. Still got a lot of work to do here in Varela. I’m excited. Whitewashing is fun. We’ve gotten lost a lot, but it’s good, because we found a new investigator yesterday while lost. Yay!! Her name is Blanca, and she’s amazing. After we taught lesson 1, she started crying and told us she loved us, even though she just met us. Tender moment!!´
Ok. Well. I’m gonna go now. I’m gonna make some cookies. We have a fun FHE planned with 2 recent converts. Yay cookies! Yay FHE! Yay the church!
I love you all!

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