the week i tried to be american again

10 Jul

I made cheeseburgers to celebrate the 4th of July. It was pretty awesome and American. I also made some fries. And I sang God Bless America to my companion. Haha. It was really funny. Good times, good times!

So I taught Primary this week. It was really adorable. Bruno came to church. He is part of a part member family, and he’s getting baptized this weekend. Pray that he gets baptized, because his grandpa doesn’t really want to, and that makes Bruno really sad. Poor kid.
We have another investigator, her name is Blanca, and she’s so amazing. We found her the first Sunday we were here, and this week we taught her the Plan of Salvation, and she told us that she was basically dead once in the hospital, and all she remembers is she was in a place that was all white and full of light. And we were like, “UM. GET BAPTIZED”. But she didn’t come to church this weekend. Sad. But I know she will get baptized. She’s very prepared. It’s just that its SUPER cold here in Varela, and a warm cozy bed is the temptation that Satan is using to get people to stay way from the waters of baptism. Hey, we have heaters here in the church. It’s not THAT bad. Haha.
Did I tell you guys what I named our plans to attack this White Wash we’re doing? Well, first we called it “Plan of Attack,” and I was like “Pfffft. This is LAME. It needs a better name…”  And so I remembered one time I was talking with the elders in San Jose, and we all started talking about the show Pimp My Ride, and they told me that in spanish its called “Enchulame Mi Maquina…..”  and I laughed for literally like 5 minutes, and then every time I thought about it since then. So then THAT came to my mind, so now we are desarollando Enchulame Mi White Wash!!!!!!!! We have a new street to contact everyday,  we are gonna have a lot of activities with the branch, we were gonna find all the recent converts, even the ones from the last 2 years because they’re all sadly inactive, and then we are going to visit a lot of priesthood that are inactive, because we need to get more priesthood up in this place. I’m actually really glad that I did the rescate in San Jose, because its going to help a lotttt here, because we have to reactivate a lot of people. It’ll be really great. I’m excited.
Butttttttttt, time is going by really slow. We barely started week 3, and my comp and I don’t understand how it’s ONLY week 3. I have a feeling these last 3 months are going to go by kinda slow. But it’s ok. More time to work.
Ok, well, you guys are the best. Love you all. Write me letters.
-Hna. Ruiz

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