15 months down, 3 to go!

17 Jul


No big deal.

Sorry, I have NO more time to write. Boo! But I’m going to the temple tomorrow with Nilo and Laura from San Jose–they’re getting sealed!!! I’M SO EXCITED TO GO!
Bruno got baptized. I love that child so much. He was part of a part-member family, and there was a LOTTTTTTTT of opposition to get him into that water. But we sucker punched satan, and all was well.
I’ll have more details next week. With pictures of us in Montevideo! And of the Uruguay Temple! Yaaaaaaay!!

1. Our HOUSE.
2. Bruno getting baptized!!

… jk about our house. We were in some random field and we were like, “PHOTO SHOOOOOT!!” Good times. Good, random, times.


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